A Historical Book Report: Gingham Bride





Hello and welcome Everyone, in my book report this week I’m going from a historical view. The book is called Gingham Bride by New York Times Best Selling Author Jillian Hart . It deals with arranged marriages and how children were treated.


curiosity and the publisher’s synopsis. It also sounded interesting and I wanted to see what a fiction book was like on these subjects.


This book is about a good-looking young man named Ian  and a beautiful young woman named Fiona that their parents and grandparents have arranged for them to be married. It’s also about a controlling man who got married just so he could give orders and sit around the house and play poker and drink beer. If Fiona does something wrong he hits her and she can’t go to school for days. To find out how things turn out for these two you’ll have to read the book.


Fiona O’Rourke doesn’t believe in love—and certainly not in a marriage arranged by her cruel father.  And even if her unexpected betrothed seems honorable and kind, can she trust his motives…or the attraction between them?

Ian McPherson came to Montana to salvage his family’s dwindling fortune, not to take a wife. But he’s instantly drawn to Fiona. He wants to protect her—even if that means pretending that they’re engaged. In a season of surprises and miracles, there’s nothing he won’t give to show Fiona his love is for always.


The book setting takes place in Montana with deep snow and a chilling cold.


That despite Fiona’s hardships at home, she had friends at school and at work(that had to be kept secret from her parents) that helped her through each day. Also, I liked the fact that this guy was willing to pretend to be engaged just to protect her from her father and from anyone else that could be engaged to her.


I thought there was  too much going on in the book.


I found the book an interesting read. My recommendation would be to read the book for yourself and form your own opinion. you may have a different opinion than I do.


If you read this book let me know what you think.  I provided a link above that has a bunch of links you may be interested in. Below is another link. For the other links click on the above link where it says Jillian Hart.





The Brotherhood Of The World Award

brotherhood-award1ABOUT THE BROTHERHOOD Of The World Award:

I couldn’t find anything online about the history and origin of this award. However, I will tell you that The Brotherhood Of The World Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the questions sent to you.
  3. Nominate around ten bloggers.
  4. Create your set of questions for your nominees.
  5. List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post and/or blog.

I would like to Thank  samanthamurdochblog for nominating me for this award. She has a great site and you can access it by CLICKING HERE .


  1. What Makes You Angry? When people can’t accept the results of something that happened a year ago. For example the Presidential Election. Also when people disrespect the flag and our military. I could go on and on but won’t.
  2. What Was Your Last Random Act Of Kindness? Giving my hair stylist a $5 tip when I only wanted to give her a $1 tip. Also, helped Mom and Dad put plastic up to keep the wind and snow out.
  3. What Is Your Key To Happiness? Interesting question. My key to happiness is simple it is God and the Bible.
  4. What Is Your Philosophy Of Life In Three Words? Faith, Hope, Love 


  2. Claire Yang Writes
  3. Canny Catnip Nook
  4. His Perfect Timing
  5. MiddleMe
  6. RoseyToesSews
  7. Cats and Life
  8. Dear Anita/Dear Cassie
  9. Oh, Elwood! (& Friendz)
  10. And Finally… To anyone who has stopped and read this and would like to do this award go ahead because it’s the Brotherhood Of The World Award. Everyone who has a blog deserves this award.


  1. Why Did You Start Your Blog(s)?
  2. How Do You Stay Happy When Something Bad Happens?
  3. Do You Collect Anything?
  4. Do You Have Pets And If So, What Kind?
  5. Any Words Of Wisdom And/Or Suggestions For Newbie Bloggers?

As usual, there is no obligation to accept this award, it’s just a nice way to show appreciation and recognition to the other bloggers, and pass it on.

Thanks For Reading.




The illustration of a kitty cat looking into the mirror with a lion looking back at him caught my attention as well as the title of the book.


The book, I’M TIRED OF BEING ORDINARY, ARE YOU?  is a 52 week advice on being extraordinary written by WM. ALLEN. It’s an entertaining, humorous book of advice with quotes and film references. We all want to be extraordinary and we also want to reach our full potential.


Do you dream about being extraordinary but think your status as a merely ordinary person is etched in stone? The truth is that it is never too late to change your life. The key is determination—-guided by a little sage advice from another “ordinary” individual in pursuit of an amazing life.

I’m Tired of Being Ordinary, Are You? is an entertaining and empowering guide that will change your life in one year–if you let it. Comprised of fifty-two steps that will lead you to the life you imagined (but deemed impossible), each weekly lesson begins with a joke and ends with a movie suggestion to keep you laughing and inspired as you undertake the difficult journey that lies ahead.

Wake up to your potential, and put your dreams into action. Remember: this is your life–why not discover just how incredible it can be?


There was a lot I liked about this book. It was entertaining, it had jokes and movie references that you could laugh at. Also, I liked the fact it was divided into 52 weeks or 1 year. Everybody’s life is a journey, this book just helps you with your journey and reach your potential.  Love the title and the illustration of the kitten looking in the mirror with a lion looking back. In my opinion, this could be interpreted as kitten just being ordinary but when the kitten becomes extraordinary the kitten  sees the lion in the mirror.


This book was well written and the illustration on the front cover was well done. I can’t think of anything at this time that I didn’t like.


Wm. Allen’s book is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Books – A – Million.

Wm. Allen’s blog is Harmony Books & Films, LLC . This is a great blog. I just love reading his posts/articles.


Amazon.com Link

Barnes And Noble Link




Hello everyone Daisy Mae Here, I did some snooping around on Mom’s desk in her bedroom and found another cat quote I thought you’d like. Mom’s busy working on a Guest post for the The Recipe Hunter . It’s a great site so I suggest you check it out.

I said I found another cat quote. The quote is cute and funny just like me. HA-HA. >”<🙂 So without further adieu, here is the cat quote. ENJOY IT.

I used to love dogs until I discovered cats.

_____Nafisa Joseph

Commenting Basics: Day 4 – Try Respectful Disagreement


Today is Day 4 of 5 of my Commenting Basics Course. Today my assignment was to respectfully disagree with a post. I chose a post I agreed and disagreed with so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. The post I chose was DANCE YOUR WAY THROUGH FALL – PLUS SIZE PARTY CHOICES . You can visit Miss Talkaholic’s site by Clicking Here .

Some things I have learned about Commenting Etiquette is:

  • Read thoroughly.

Before commenting, make sure you’ve read the entire post and the other comments before yours. Your comment should never make the writer or the other readers) wonder if you actually read the material. When you’re sharing a personal story, you want to make sure yours is relevant—-otherwise, it can look like like you’re trying to grab attention away from the blogger. (Also, someone might have left a similar story – in which case you can reply to that person’s comment!)

  • Contribute something of value.

Every post can be the start of a conversation. Try to add something substantial to move that conversation forward. Don’t get me wrong- most bloggers appreciate every comment, even if it’s just a simple ‘enjoyed this post.’  But a meatier response is more likely to result in visits to your own site. Explain why you’re moved to share your story, and how your experience connects to the original post.

  • Mind your manners.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it in their comment thread. Criticism is fine, but there’s no need to be hateful. And remember, only a blog author can delete a comment, so if you comment in haste you might repent at leisure. Share your own experience, but don’t disparage another’s.

  • Be yourself.

I’ve discovered many favorite blogs by becoming a fan of a certain commenter. Rather than any one comment, it’s the style and personality of a commenter that really makes me want to read more of their work. Whether you are smart, Witty, or just plain bizarre – be you! No matter your perspective, a unique voice will get attention.

  • Keep your comment comment-sized.

If you have a lot to say on a certain subject, leave two or three representative sentences in the comment section, then link to a post on your own blog where you have expanded on the topic. This is a clever way to engage readers who share your interests.

Sharing a link can be a nice way to flesh out a comment — but a caveat! There’s one surefire way to get your comment ignored or worse, deleted, and that’s leaving a shameless plug. If you’re going to take the time to visit others’ blogs and then press the “comment” button, avoid this basic mistake.

A shameless plug is a comment that exists simply to provide a link back to your own blog. It says little — or nothing — other than your URL.  Things like:

Really informative, I look forward to reading more.



What a good post! If you want, come visit my new blog:








There is a lot more content on commenting so I will give you the links.  The links are:

Say Something: Commenting Etiquette

The Perfect Host: Comment Moderation

Both of these posts are by Elizabeth.

I learned a lot. All bloggers should read these posts.

Please Share your comments with me. I want to hear what you think of both these posts  + my post.

A Book Review: A Soldier’s Promise



A Soldier’s Promise  is a book by Cynthia Thomason . This book is a Heartwarming book from Harlequin Romance Books. Don’t let the name Harlequin Romance fool you, Harlequin has more than just romance books. They have:   Suspense, Passion, Home & Family, Inspirational, Western, Historical, Sweet Romance, Medical Romance, Paranormal and even have Books For Teens( That is in a different link listed below in the Link Section of this post). A book for everyone. If you don’t see your preference listed, there is a search box you can use in the link called Harlequin Books

My Synopsis: 

This is about a soldier and his teenage daughter. The soldier is right out of the service and also just lost his wife. He is trying to adjust to civilian life. A teacher who is trying to get over own problems tries to help the soldier and his teenage daughter. The teacher has made a promise  to herself. Will she break her own rules/policy?

Publisher’s Synopsis: 

Brenna Sullivan has a strict policy about not getting emotionally involved with her students. Yet there’s something about the new student, Carrie, and her father that has Brenna breaking all her rules.

Mike Langston’s parenting methods may be more than a little outdated, but Brenna is struck by the brave and honorable man he is and, despite her better judgement, she’s falling deeper and deeper for him. But how can she cross the line when their feelings start to grow?

What I Liked: 

I enjoyed reading a book about a soldier who’s right out of the service. I liked reading that this wasn’t the only problem he had. Between being right out of the service, raising a teenage daughter by himself plus his wife dying, it made the book more interesting to see how he solved these problems. I liked reading that the teacher who had her own problems reached out to try to help a veteran soldier solve his problems. Did the teacher and the veteran soldier get their problems solved? You’ll have to read the book and find out.

What I Didn’t Like:

I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about the book. Yes, it was that good in my opinion.


Cynthia Thomason, Author

Reader Service (Member’s Only Offers)

Harlequin Books


Cynthia Thomason’s Brief Bio

Try Harlequin


Harlequin Books-Facebook


Harlequin Teen



Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 12- Make Some New Connections


For Day 12 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course, we had to go to The Daily Post Prompts page and scroll down to the grid of responses. Then I had to pick 6 responses that caught my eye and read them. Then I had to leave comments on at least 2 of the responses. If you skipped the day before, then all you had to do was to leave 2 comments anywhere you’d like and follow 2 new blogs.

Even though I may have the choice to skip a day, my thoughts are if you don’t do the course work you don’t learn anything. Also, if you took this course then do the course work.


I was recently nominated for THE BLUE SKY TAG AWARD and THE LIEBSTER AWARD by https://daisymae2017.wordpress.com. I feel honored for being nominated for both of these awards. I would like to thank daisymae2017 for nominating me for both of these Awards. You can check out daisymae2017’s amazing blog Here . You’ll be glad you did.

Because I was nominated for 2 awards, this will be a combination post talking about both awards.

Rules Or Process Of The Award:

  • Pay regards to the person who nominated you.
  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers.
  • Inform them of the nomination.
  • Give answers to all the questions you are asked.
  • Ask your nominees some questions.

Once again thank you so much daisymae2017 for this awesome opportunity.

11 Facts about myself:

  1. I’m a redhead
  2. I have 2 degrees
  3. I’m not married
  4. I live in Pennsylvania
  5. I have 2 sisters who are fraternal twins
  6. I’m a female
  7. I have naturally curly hair
  8. I’ve never colored my hair
  9. I don’t have kids
  10. I love the country
  11. I love animals especially cats and dogs

My Blog Nominees Are:

  1. Bad Cat Chris
  2. RoseyToesSews
  3. Cats and Life
  4. The Recipe Hunter
  5. How To Addict
  6. PENandPAPER
  7. Tanglewood Knots
  8. Your Present Blessings
  9. Wedgieboy’s Blog
  10. preppy_pink_piglet
  11. Animals Are Wonderful
  12. Pure Glory
  13. samanthamurdoch blog
  14. Cats and Trails and Garden Tales
  15. Harmony Books & Films, LLC
  16. ChocolatePages
  17. The Introverted Book Nerd
  18. The Canadian Cats
  19. BeautyBeyondBones
  20. Brian’s Home
  21. 15andmeowing
  22. April’s Perspective
  23. Pet Zoo Kibbutz Shiller
  24. spike the scottish black cat
  25. Katzenworld
  26. Feline Cafe`
  27. Daily Feline Wisdom


  1. Why did you start blogging and do you like blogging? I started blogging for fun and out of curiosity. I do like blogging.
  2. Any advice you want to give newbie bloggers? Yes. My advice for newbie bloggers is take bloggers course and not just the fundamentals of blogging either.
  3. What was the happiest day of your life and Why? Happiest day of my life was the day I accept Christ as my savior and as for why? Because now I know where I’m going when I die.
  4. What’s your favorite type of music and why? My favorite type of music is hard to say because I like different kinds of music.
  5. What’s your favorite tv show? NCIS
  6. Have You Watched a horror Movie and if so What was it? Yes I have. The name was IT.
  7. What’s your favorite animal? Cats
  8. Do you give to any organizations? Yes
  9. Where do you want to be 5 years from now? I want to be where God wants me.
  10. How old are you and what’s your job? I’m ?? and unemployed.


Since these were good questions, I have decided to ask the same questions.  So please answer the above 10 questions that I already answered.




Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 11 – Make A Prompt Personal: Daily Prompt- Overcome


Today is Day 11 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course.  Today I’m to make a prompt personal. How I do this is going to The Daily Post and see what the Daily prompt is and if it doesn’t move me, I’m to try another. I’m also to give a link to the prompt so that others can find my post on the prompt page.

Today The Daily Prompt Is: Overcome so that is what my post is about:

Overcoming something personal is never easy to do but it is well worth it in the end because what you’re striving to overcome you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you do, it will be one happy day for you when you finally overcome your troubles.

When I was in Elementary School, is when I had to start overcoming my troubles. You see, I was picked on and/or bullied the whole way through Elementary School and High School and then after High School graduation, I got told by a counselor that I would never go to college. Not a good feeling.

But in the end, everything turned out for the best. My parents and grandparents supported me and I started out at a community college and graduated from there then transferred up to a 4 year college and graduated from there. Although, I had one professor think that the best thing for me would be to drop his class. When I stuck it out and passed his class he took me aside and told me he was glad I stuck his class out and that he was happy for me.

When I graduated, I was very happy because I had something no one could take from me-a degree. Also I was happy because I did something that I was told I would never do.

The End Result: 

The end result was me not ending up with one degree but two degrees. I had overcome being picked on and bullied in school as well as being told I couldn’t do something. Overcoming this wasn’t easy but with support from my family I eventually overcame everything.

A Suggestion:

Everyone has something they need to overcome so don’t think you are alone because you’re not. With support you’ll eventually overcome your problems. Some problems are harder to overcome than others so they will take longer to resolve. Once again if you have support you’ll find out it’s easier to face.

Links To The Daily Post:

The Daily Post

The Daily Post Prompt: Overcome

For The Daily Post



The Blogger Recognition Award And The Black Cat Blue Sea Award



I’ve been nominated for 2 awards by the same person so I decided to do a combination post.

I read this great post called Amagreen And Awards on samanthamurdochblog . I would like to thank samanthamurdochblog for nominating me for this wonderful award.

For the Blogger Recognition Award you have to tell the story of how your blog began. You can read that HERE .

Also, as part of the Blogger Recognition Award I have to give 2 pieces of Advice. Below are my pieces of advice.

  1. Don’t do what I did and wait to take some blogging courses. Create an account then take your blogging courses before you start blogging.
  2.  Comment, Like, Follow, share and reblog other bloggers posts if you really like them. Also, when commenting, be nice don’t be mean.

An additional piece of advice for anyone who wants to blog, thinking about blogging or blogging professionally, I can’t stress enough how important taking a blogging course is.

I have been blessed to have been asked to do guest posts by some wonderful bloggers. One has been completed and I’m about to do my 2nd guest post. This could happen to you.

Now for The Black Blue Sea Award:


Rules For The Black Cat Blue Sea Award:

  1. Thank The Person Who Nominated You.
  2.  Answer 3 Questions Asked By The Nominator
  3.  Nominate 8 Fellow Bloggers
  4.   Ask 3 Questions To The Nominees

I would like to thank samanthamurdocblog for nominating me for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award. 

Questions From samanthamurdochblog:

  1. What Would You Like Bloggers To Do More OF?

Just be honest and when you’re honest be nice about it.

2. Tell Us 4 Things About Yourself, One Of Which Is Not True, And See If We Can             Guess…

  •   I was bullied as a kid
  •   I have 2 sisters who are fraternal twins
  •    I’ve broken both of my feet
  •     I like vegetables

3.  Describe A Perfect Day That Balances All The Things You Love.

A perfect day for me starts by thanking God for letting me wake up with my life. I               also think a good nights sleep uninterrupted helps.Having a good attitude about                  the day helps as does sunshine. Then I get down on the floor with my cat if she                     hasn’t jumped up on my lap.

Finally for part of this award I must nominate 8 Fellow Bloggers. Below are my nominees.

My Nominees:

  1. koolkosherkitchen
  2. Jerri Perri
  3. The Introverted Book Nerd
  4. PENandPAPER
  5.  How To Addict
  6.  BELLIS
  7.  pilch92
  8. Happiness Between Tails

My Questions To My Nominees:

After reading and answering the questions from samanthamurdochblog, I thought about it and I’m going to use the same questions samanthamurdochblog asked me. Mostly because I thought they were good questions. So if you accept for either award, please answer the questions I answered. Can’t wait to see your answers.