When Life Hits You Hard Then Also Throws You CurveBalls & Feline Friday


Hi everyone, Daisy Mae here. If you don’t know who I am (shame on you). No really, if you don’t know who I am let me introduce myself. I’m Crystal’s pet Cat and the other half of CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE. I help out when something happens that Crystal can’t post.

The reason why she isn’t hear is because well she’s had a rough few months. As the title states, Life hit her and her family hard  then through her some curve balls to top it all off. I guess it all started way back in April a few days before April 22, 2021. The Dad had started hurting some and then Mom started getting body aches too. Neither one thought anything about it because Dad was out mowing and Crystal picking up sticks so they blamed it all on either a Sinus Cold, Allergies, pollen and bending to much and using muscles she hasn’t used in a year’s time  in Crystal’s case (don’t ask).  After almost a weeks time and the pain hadn’t left yet it was then Crystal started suspecting something was off and wrong. 2 days later, Crystal’s youngest sister popped in to check in on everyone and when she heard Dad’s symptom’s she said we’re going to get you tested for COVID and that’s when Crystal spoke up and said, I want tested too. So on April 22, 2021 the day the Dad and Crystal were to get their first vaccine shot well that didn’t happen instead they went to this place called Faster Care. After hearing their symptoms they tested them both and the Dad’s Rapid COVID test was negative but Crystal’s COVID test was positive. The strange part is The Dad’s COVID test that was sent out came back positive and Crystal’s came back positive. That evening The Dad was sent to the ER due to Covid then the Hospital people sent Dad home then the following Monday he went to hospital by ambulance then came home a few days later then on Memorial Day Dad went back to the hospital by ambulance once again.  Mom Crystal has gone from being a part time caregiver to a full time caregiver who cooks(well bakes mostly), cleans and cares for her Mother who hasn’t been out of the house for quite some time because her Dermatomyositus and Lupus has made her immobile.

I suppose some bright spots in all this is that Crystal’s Dad is progressing very slowly each and that she has won one big contest and some small ones too. The big contest she won the prizes were a Kindle Fire With Aleza, $150 Amazon Gift Card and a few EBooks.

We want to give a huge thanks to Ellen and “Nurse” Joanie for the Card. The picture of “Nurse” Joanie made my Human Mom smile and she loved it. It lifted her spirits greatly(which she needed might I add). Thanks to all our readers.

Crystal hopes to be back soon but is not sure when but I will pop in to post every now and then.

I’ve added some Cat pictures for Feline Friday. ENJOY!!!!

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29 thoughts on “When Life Hits You Hard Then Also Throws You CurveBalls & Feline Friday

    1. Thank You.
      Things get better slowly each day. Being a full time caregivercan be tough and stressful but I make it because I take one day at a time and rely on my faith in God.


  1. Bless you, Crystal. Life has been a challenge, hasn’t it? My goodness. I am just glad you had some nice treats to brighten your time. Hold on, things will get better * gentle hugs *

    Daisy Mae, you are in charge, keep safe and well

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  2. Thank you so much fro catching us up on stuff, Daisy Mae. We were wondering how you and Mom Crystal were doing. We are purring and praying lots for Crystal’s Mom and Dad to get better, and for Crystal, too! You wrote that Crystal also had a positive test for COVID. How is SHE doing? Is she all recovered?

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    1. Well meowmeowmans, she recovered mostly. She’s still getting her taste back. She’s also caring for her Mother who is immobile.
      Thanks for all your purrs and prayers
      Will tell Crystal you asked about her

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  3. Deer Miss Crystal an Pawentss mee sendssall THE POTP mee can muster to all of youss’ to make a full reecovurry from UCKY Covid! LadyMew has been purrayin fore all of youss’ two.
    Our Life here iss all curve ballss an furry hard for diffyrent reesonss…
    LadyMew getss furry deepressed an mee doess two.
    Wee apawlogize fore not stayin inn propurr touch…..
    Daisy Mae yore pawsum to bloggie for yore Meowmy…Mee has had to take over fore LadyMew many timess.
    Thanx fore comin to vissit us today…it meenss ALOT to us.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  4. I am so sorry your family has been going through such tough times. I am glad your Dad is doing better Crystal. Joanie is glad you like the card, she loves dressing up as a nurse. I hope everyone is better soon. XO

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    1. I loved the card. It helps to lift my spirits daily. I opened that envelope from you and saw that picture and card I smiled to no end.
      Please thank “Nurse” Joanie for me.
      I hope everyone is better soon. Still getting my taste back.
      Thanks Again My Friend


  5. We’re very sad that things have been so hard and so bad. Crystal is a wonderful daughter to care for her pawrents like that. Sending prayers that things improve soon. (((hugs)))

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  6. I wondered what happened to you, but sometimes people just quit blogging. I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough time of it. I’m glad you were there to keep things moving along, Daisy Mae. It’s good to see a post from you.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches to you and my best to Crystal. ♥

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  7. I’m very sorry to hear that, Daisy Mae. I hope everyone will feel better soon and that things will work out so Crystal will more help with care-giving, and more free time to post.

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