Cover Reveal: Meows and Purrs: A Collection of Cat Poems (includes a Sample Poem)

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I’m proud to announce the cover for my upcoming poetry book of cat poems.

Here is a sample poem from the collection:


Double the trouble,

double the fun.

Two cats are better than one.

When you look to adopt a kitten,

ask for a sibling or two.

It’s the best thing you can do.

You’ll never regret taking another.

They’ll grow up as friends and play together.

Don’t worry about the litter pans.

They’ll share one box of sand.

No cat food will go to waste.

Just pick up a case.

Make room on your bed and under the covers.

You’ll never be lonely with one or the other.

Double the charm,

double the love.

Two cats are better than one.

If you open your heart to two fur babies,

You’ll know it’s the best things you’ve done

because two cats are better than…

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24 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Meows and Purrs: A Collection of Cat Poems (includes a Sample Poem)

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  1. ***APAWSS APAWSS***
    Miss Debbie that iss a pawsum poe-em!
    Miss Crystal an Daisy Mae many thanx fore sharin Miss Debbie’ss poe-em an book!!
    Wee sure hope all of youss’ are all bettur from Vye-russ an doin guud!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) LadyMew

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    1. Well BellaDharma & LadyMew, you are Welcome.
      As for being better from the virus yes my family and I have recovered from the nasty old virus COVID. Now Miss Crystal is a full time cover for both parents since her Dad is still recovering from being in & out of the hospital 3 different times. Miss Crystal’s Dad is home and relearning how to walk and working on get his balance back. He gets stronger each day.

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