Blogging advice! Part three – Making blogging easier!

Very good post. A must read for everyone.

Bionic Book Worm

We’ve all been there many times before – the dreaded blogging slump. Just like in reading, we can sometimes burn ourselves out on something and suddenly it starts to feel like a chore. The first time I experienced blogger burnout I was so upset! I ended up doing some soul searching and figured out why it happened and how I can prevent it. Like the other advice i’ve given, this is also a personal thing to each blogger and some of these may not work for you. Also please remember – I am not a blogging professional! So take this advice at your own risk!



Whether you write down your ideas in a notebook, on a spreadsheet, or on your phone, point is – write it down! There are so many times where I’ve thought of a post topic while busy doing something else thinking to myself…

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