Awww…Monday, Sunday Selfies & Sparks


No I didn’t get a new cat. The exact opposite actually. You see the cat you see to the left has a story to tell. I’m happy to say this story has a happy ending. This little kitty’s story all starts when she is walking along side of the road. How this cat there I don’t know. That will probably always remain a mystery. Then as fate would have it, two highschool graduates(my niece and her friend) were on their way home when my niece saw something moving. They stopped the car and found this kitten who could just barely hold its head up and they both knew they had to do something. They automatically ‘scooped’ the kitten up and took her to my niece’s house.

As it turns out the next step was to get this kitten to the vet and find out what’s wrong with it. Since my niece is an intern at a veterinarian clinic she took the kitten there and found out this dear little kitten was just full of fleas and other things I’m not sure of. Because there were so many fleas they had to get rid of the blankets they used. The vet took care of this kitten and the kitten is doing better.

When my niece and her family took the kitten in temporarily they thought it was a she and so they called it a she for the longest time. Then just the other day my niece took her to the vets and the workers just loved her but then found out it wasn’t a she but a he.  Well at least the name they gave the kitten fits both male or female. They named the kitten Smalls because he was so tiny. I’m happy and pleased to say Smalls is eating better and gaining weight.

Now the next things on the list is to get him neutered when he’s the right age and find someone to take him. Since the vet has estimated the age of the kitten at 10-14 weeks old, he has to be older to get neutered. However, finding someone to take this kitten was easier than anyone thought it would be. Yes that means he has his furever home. Yeah!!

Something to remember though even though this kitten was very fortunate and found a furever home quickly this doesn’t happen often. I hope other cats and other animals find their furever home soon.



Below is a slideshow of Small’s selfies.

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Sticking with the story about Smalls the kitten, I decided to do my Sparks relating to problems. 

We all have problems some worse than others. However some people just can’t see the positive side. Actually what we need to find out for ourselves is problems are just stepping-stones to our real destination. Always look on the positive side no matter how small it may seem. Like this kitten it kept moving with just a flicker of hope. That flicker of hope got the kitten a furever home.

So remember when your down in the dumps don’t Mope or have a pity party for yourself instead celebrate the fact you’re still alive and able. Another thing to remember is if a flicker of hope got a kitten a home imagine what a little bit of hope can get us. Look on the positive side and you will see the silver lining.



6 thoughts on “Awww…Monday, Sunday Selfies & Sparks

  1. Awww, what a wonderful happy ending for the kitty. I love it. And it has a forever home too. Even better.

    I love your Spark. It’s spot on.

    Hope you had a purrfect Awww Monday, Crystal. Scritches to Daisy Mae. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I did have a purrfect Awww…Monday. Sunshine does that for me. I was glad the kitty got a furever home and quick. I wish getting all animals in need got furever homes this quick. Actually it’s funny how kitty got a home. The friend said she would take kitty and mom loved kitty too. However, the friends mom told the friend if you want kitty you have to get rid of your bunnies. So she is giving her bunnies away or selling them not sure which. So kitty finds a home and bunnies are looking for a home.


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