Caption Winner


I’m sorry and sad to say I only got 1 caption for this but that’s OK because the caption I did get was a good one. I not only want to thank greg-in-washington for sending me a caption I want to tell him his blog is very good and congratulations to him because he’s the caption winner.

I survived Thanksgiving and Christmas! Look how big I am!

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Our Blogger Recognition Badge

I’ve been asked how to get the badge? If you want the badge it’s actually simple to get. You can either go to Blogger Recognition Award or use the badge provided below. I hope this clears up any confusion. Double click on the badge to save the image and make sure you link back to me.



Sparks & Awww…Monday


Since McGuffy’s Reader is on hiatus from Sparks that doesn’t mean we can’t shine our light and give off positive vibes to others.

I changed my mini cat calendar this Morning and what I look forward to is whether or not there is a saying or not. This morning there was cat saying and I thought it was good for Sparks. The cat saying is as follows:

Experience is valuable in most human endeavors, but the problem of getting a cat down out of a tree is new every time it arises.

       —Francis Duffy

My Interpretation: Experience is a very good teacher in all situations and each situation is different and should be handled differently each time.


I’m putting the original picture first and the following 2 are bloggif pictures. Hope you like them.