Awww…Monday & Sparks


The Awww…Monday I chose today could be a Spark too so I’m doing my Awww…Monday & Sparks together.




August Fun Holidays

I don’t know why I thought I had to know what fun Holiday was on August 20th but I did and my research found a whole list of fun Holidays for today and through the month. I’m sure there are more but below is a list of what Holidays I found.


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    Cupcake Day

  2. National Bacon Day
  3. National Radio Day
  4. Virtual World Day
  5. Stay Home With Your Kids Day
  6. National Lemonade Day
  7. World Mosquito Day
  8. Chocolate Pecan Pie Day


  1. Admit Your Happy Month
  2. American Artist Appreciation Month
  3. Black Business Month
  4. Cataract Awareness Month
  5. Children’s Eye Health Month
  6. Fall Of Empires Month
  7. Family Fun Month
  8. Home Business Month
  9. Learn Japanese Month
  10. National Breastfeeding Month
  11. National Canning Month
  12. National Catfish Month
  13. National Children’s Vision & Learning Month
  14. National Eat Dessert First Month
  15. National Eye Exam Month
  16. National Golf Month
  17. National Immunization Month
  18. National Inventors Month
  19. National Napping Month
  20. National Parks Month
  21. National Publish Your eBook Month
  22. National Sandwich Month
  23. National Wellness Month
  24. Professional Speakers Month
  25. Psoriasis Awareness Month
  26. Romance Awareness Month
  27. Water Quality Month
  28. God’s Preeminence Day

AUGUST 22 & 28

  1. August 22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
  2. August 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


**Please Note** There are other days but I Only listed a few.

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