Fall Is Here

Fall arrived September 23 and the weather we are getting here in my little town in PA has gotten colder too. In fact, we just had our first killing frost which means our Blue and Purple Morning Glories are black. Literally cooked. 

Even though Fall isn’t my favorite season, I do love how the leaves on trees and bushes change color, eating Corn On The Cob, Drink Apple Cider and so much more. By the way, what’s your favorite thing or things about Fall? Please let me know either by using the Contact Form or in the comments.

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Even though her blog is about food, she allows almost any post in her Blog hop within reason. Be kind, don’t use any vulgar language or anything you wouldn’t want on your post. I hope you join us.

I tag all of you to do this blog hop. However, I’m to tag a few of my friends. So Below are those I’ve decided to tag with their URLs. 

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Awww…Monday & Sparks

cute-life-quotesAWWW…MONDAY & SPARKS

Welcome to another positive week with Awww…Monday & Sparks. This week I put my Awww… Monday & Sparks image together. 



Awww…Monday, Sunday Selfies & Sparks


No I didn’t get a new cat. The exact opposite actually. You see the cat you see to the left has a story to tell. I’m happy to say this story has a happy ending. This little kitty’s story all starts when she is walking along side of the road. How this cat there I don’t know. That will probably always remain a mystery. Then as fate would have it, two highschool graduates(my niece and her friend) were on their way home when my niece saw something moving. They stopped the car and found this kitten who could just barely hold its head up and they both knew they had to do something. They automatically ‘scooped’ the kitten up and took her to my niece’s house.

As it turns out the next step was to get this kitten to the vet and find out what’s wrong with it. Since my niece is an intern at a veterinarian clinic she took the kitten there and found out this dear little kitten was just full of fleas and other things I’m not sure of. Because there were so many fleas they had to get rid of the blankets they used. The vet took care of this kitten and the kitten is doing better.

When my niece and her family took the kitten in temporarily they thought it was a she and so they called it a she for the longest time. Then just the other day my niece took her to the vets and the workers just loved her but then found out it wasn’t a she but a he.  Well at least the name they gave the kitten fits both male or female. They named the kitten Smalls because he was so tiny. I’m happy and pleased to say Smalls is eating better and gaining weight.

Now the next things on the list is to get him neutered when he’s the right age and find someone to take him. Since the vet has estimated the age of the kitten at 10-14 weeks old, he has to be older to get neutered. However, finding someone to take this kitten was easier than anyone thought it would be. Yes that means he has his furever home. Yeah!!

Something to remember though even though this kitten was very fortunate and found a furever home quickly this doesn’t happen often. I hope other cats and other animals find their furever home soon.



Below is a slideshow of Small’s selfies.

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Sticking with the story about Smalls the kitten, I decided to do my Sparks relating to problems. 

We all have problems some worse than others. However some people just can’t see the positive side. Actually what we need to find out for ourselves is problems are just stepping-stones to our real destination. Always look on the positive side no matter how small it may seem. Like this kitten it kept moving with just a flicker of hope. That flicker of hope got the kitten a furever home.

So remember when your down in the dumps don’t Mope or have a pity party for yourself instead celebrate the fact you’re still alive and able. Another thing to remember is if a flicker of hope got a kitten a home imagine what a little bit of hope can get us. Look on the positive side and you will see the silver lining.



Awww…Mondays, Sparks & Tuesday Fun

Hi Everyone, I’m kind of cheating this week. I’m putting Awww…Mondays, Sparks & Tuesday Fun all in one post. Below is a question I want to ask you all. It’s about redheads so if you’re a redhead no offense intended. I’m a Redhead and got a chuckle out of this.



I took this picture of a Kitten and a Dog that was on June 2018 calendar. The calendar was sent to me by an organization I give money to. That organization is VFW(VETERAN OF FOREIGN WARS).

The VFW website is: VFW WEBSITE

FOR those of you that can’t read the quote I chose for Sparks it reads: 

There is experience better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

— John Andrew Holmer —







www.olaalaa.com – If Women could read Minds,… quote.

buylaughs.com – If Women could read Minds,… quote(AKA the Funny quotes Collection of top 40 most funniest quotes of all time)

thequotepedia.com – Dear My Brain,… quote.

quotesgram.com – So if a readhead goes crazy,… minion quote and It’s coffee and I need some Tuesday quote.

relatably.com – Alert! Alert! Another Monday is on it’s way… quote.

etsy.com – All You Need is Love…and a CAT quote.

winkgo.com – Clean Paws Before Dinner Inspection quote.

LoveThisPic.com – It’s coffee and I need some Tuesday…Garfield quote.




Awww…Mondays & Sparks









Awww…Mondays & Sparks


I found so many pictures online to that make me go awww, I am going to share them with you but not all at once.



I’m joining McGuffy’s Reader for Sparks today and you can find my encouraging quote below.





Awww…Mondays & Sparks

Once again, CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE is joining our fantastic hostess Comedy Plus for AAAwww…Mondays.  If you’re not familiar with Awww…Mondays, it’s quite simple. All you do is post a picture that makes you go Awww. It can be one you’ve taken, One somebody has sent you or One from the internet. I love doing Awww…Mondays with https://comedy-plus.com because it’s fun. My picture for Awww…Mondays is a picture of a picture of my cat Snowball who passed over the Rainbow Bridge many years ago but I still miss her.   Please Note: It’s a picture of a picture since I didn’t have a digital camera at that time just a disposable. To add your link or see others who are joining Awww…Mondays please click on Awww…Mondays badge or click on the link below Awww…Mondays badge. Hope you come join us for some fun and cuteness.


Once again CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE is joining McGuffy’s Reader for Sparks. What is Sparks? Sparks is an encouraging post you do every Monday. Your post can be an Encouraging quote, Encouraging picture, Encouraging Poem written by you or someone else or something you just find encouraging.  Please join us for Sparks every Monday along with our fantastic hostess https://mcguffysreader.com.  It’s lots of  fun to do and who knows whose spirits you’ll lift. To add your link or see others joining Sparks click on the badge above or the link below the badge.

For those who can’t read the encouraging Bible Verse I have used for Sparks it says:

They that wait upon the Lord

shall renew their strength

they shall mount up with

Wings as


Is. 40:31



Join us and our fantastic hostess https://comedy-plus.com every Monday for Awww…Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww…and that’s it. Make sure you leave a link to your post. What better way to start the week than with a smile. My Awww…Mondays Picture is below.


My intent is to inspire everyone with a weekly post that I call PROJECT ENCOURAGEMENT. I’m very thankful that https://mcguffysreader.com does this and asks anyone who wants to do a Sparks Post to join them. I’m joining them for another Sparks Monday with some encouraging and motivating words.

My Sparks Post today is of encouraging and motivating words from a HALLS cough drop wrapper I unwrapped due to a bad cold I’m recovering from. Before I always unwrapped the cough drop and threw away the wrapper. I never noticed these words and phrases before but if you look close you find encouraging words and phrases on the HALLS cough drop wrapper.

Below are some encouraging and motivating words and phrases.





MY SPARKS FOR THE WEEK IS ENCOURAGING ADVICE. THIS IS ADVICE WE ALL SHOULD TAKE AND REMEMBER.My encouraging advice to everyone  is to remember that we’ve all failed at one time or another in our lifetime and if you haven’t failed yet you eventually will. When you do fail you will feel like giving up.  My suggestion to you is DON’T GIVE UP!!  How is this encouraging? It’s encouraging because failure at something we desire to have or want really, really bad  means one thing and one thing only and that is that we are headed in the right direction to get  what we want and sometimes we find that we are blessed with something better than we wanted. Also, always remember that the Big named people at Big named companies didn’t get to the top overnight. Another thing to remember is that they had to fail multiple times before making it big so don’t worry if you fail multiple times. http://mcguffysreader.com started this project and tries to spread encouragement weekly. She also invites anyone who wants to help her spread encouragement.  If you like this post and/or site please use the contact form and it will be put in manually. Thanks In Advance.


Encouragement & Friendship Flowers

galax flowers.


While I was thinking about what to do for Sparks I had a thought and that thought was why don’t you do something with the meaning of encouragement. Of course I tried and tried to come up with something else but all I could think of was wanting Spring to get here and the sunshine and the pretty flowers to stay for a while.  Then I said to myself, flowers that’s it I’ll do it on flowers. So I looked up on the internet to see what flowers are associated with encouragement and friendship and this is what I found. I have included their meanings as well.


  1. Acacia, Rose or White – Platonic love/friendship, Elegance.
  2. Adam’s Needle (Yucca) – Best Friends.
  3. Arborvitae – True and unchanging friendship.
  4. Black – eyed Susan – Encouragement, Motivation, Justice.
  5. Carnation (general) – Fascination, Friendship, Vanity, Worker’s flower, Symbolic for teaching us to find love that is between souls and not purely physical attraction, In the 17th century troops sported carnations as a sign of their bravery, Chosen as the symbol for Mother’s Day in 1907, January birth flower, Used for 1st Wedding Anniversaries.
  6. Daisy, Gerbera – Friendship, Sadness, Needing Protection.
  7. Galax – Friendship, Encouragement.
  8. Gerbera – Gentleness, Friendship, Loyal love, Purity, Strength, You are the sunshine of my life.
  9. Ivy – Affection, Dependence, Fidelity, Friendship, Wedded love.
  10. Periwinkle, Blue  – Early Friendship.
  11. Phlox, Pink – Hope of new friendship.
  12. Rose, Yellow – Friendship or platonic love, Infidelity, Jealousy, Highest mark of distinction, Forgive and Forget.


Due to the fact of so many, furfriends, loved ones passing lately I made up a brief flower list for that to in honor of them.



  1. Aloe – Sorrow, Grief, Integrity, Bitterness, Wisdom.
  2. Balm, Bee (Monarda or Bergamot) – Compassion, Empathy, Your “wiles” are irresistible.
  3. Canna Lily (or Flowering Reed) – Confide in Heaven.
  4. Clover, White – Think of Me.
  5. Columbine – Resolved to win, Deserted love, Folly, During the Gothic era the columbine gained a reputation of having powers to ward off evil.
  6. Dahlia, Variegated – I think of you constantly!
  7. *Dead Leaves – Sadness (*this is not a flower).
  8. Everlasting – Constancy, never-ending  memory.
  9. Forget – me – not – Memories, Humility, True love, Exactly as it says, mythology describes this as the flower picked by a knight for his sweetheart before going into battle, One legend has it that God himself called it that because the plant was unable to remember the name it had been given when the world was created, Longing for loyalty.
  10. Hyacinth, Purple – I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Sorrow.
  11. Immortal Flowers ( Xeranthemum) – Unfading remembrance.
  12. Lady’s Seal – Be my support.
  13. Pansy – Holy Trinity, loyalty, Strengthens the power of the memory, Loving thoughts or “You occupy my thoughts”, Merriment, Thoughtful reflection, German word translating as “little stepmother”, Used for 1st Wedding Anniversaries.
  14. Periwinkle (general) – Sweet remembrance.
  15. Primrose – I cannot live without you, Young love, Early youth (childhood), Thoughtlessness, Frivolity, February birth flower.
  16. Queen Anne’s Lace – Fantasy, Haven, Self reliance, Sanctuary.
  17. Rose, Black – Deeper feeling of romance, Sense of mystery, Death.
  18. Rose, Dark Crimson – Mourning.
  19. Rose, Tea – I’ll remember always.
  20. Rosemary – Remembrance, Your presence revives me!, Glad you’re here!, Invigorating, Healing balm, Memory strengthener, Devotion, Wisdom, Good luck in the new year.
  21. Strawflower – Neverending remembrance.
  22. Sweet Pea – Meet Me!, Blissful pleasure, Tender memory, Departure, Goodbye, Thank you for a lovely time, These flowers are long-lasting after being clipped, April birth flower, Used for 30th Wedding Anniversaries.
  23. Sweet William – Childhood, Memory, Gallantry, Finesse, Scorn, Grant me one smile.
  24. Thrift (Cliff Roses) – Sympathy.
  25. Verbena – Faithfulness, Pray for me, Sensibility.
  26. Violet Purple – You occupy my thoughts, Blue love.
  27. Weeping Willow – Mourning.
  28. Yarrow – Cure for heartache, Good Health, Heals wounds, Dispels melancholy, Sorrow.
  29. Yew – Sadness.
  30. Zinnia (general)- Thoughts of absent friends either alive or passed on.
  31. Zinnia (mixed) – In memory of dear friend.
  32. Zinnia (Yellow) – Daily remembrance.

My information and some of my pictures are from Flower Meanings, A – Z Flower Dictionary and Flower Pictures Flower Meanings Chart and Guide to Unique Gift Giving , Images of The Galax Flower and the Graphic Credit for the Purple Hyacinth goes to http://fineartamerica.com.



https://mcguffysreader.com/  has a project called Sparks post each week. I decided to join this project with McGuffy’s Reader to encourage others each week.  My encouragement post is called ENCOURAGEMENT.  On March 4, 2018, I was reading my morning devotions with the Lord and guess what?  The devotional reading was called Dying for Encouragement. In a nutshell, it was about a corporate accountant who committed suicide and no-one knew why. He didn’t embezzle money and that made his co-workers wonder why until a note was found and that note simply said this: In thirty years I have never had one word of encouragement. I’m fed up. My ENCOURAGEMENT quotes and reading  are: It may seem insignificant to say a word or two; but when we give encouragement, what wonders it can do!  —K. DeHaan—      My second ENCOURAGEMENT quote is: A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up or going on. —Author Unknown—    The reading for encouragement is Deuteronomy 3:23 – 29.   So when you think your encouragement isn’t doing any good, think again. It is. When you encourage some someone make sure it is genuine encouragement(not flattery) and it will help others.







We all need encouragement daily and I found these encouraging words to be helpful and hope they are helpful and are an inspiration to you. Below is my Spark.words_of_encouragement


Hope IS…

badge-smHope is a rainbow that appears out of nowhere on a sunny day~Hope is a mentor supporting and encouraging you when others put you down~Hope is your parents who support you even though you have huge dreams~Hope is a stranger who befriends you and takes you under their wing~Hope is a dog that meets you at the door when you come home~Hope is a cat that warns you with its hissing and body language~Hope isDSCN0175

sister that helps you out of ‘sticky’ situations~Hope is a loving family~Hope is knowing and teaching sign language to people who need and want to learn it~Hope is God.

So when your feeling down remember there is hope for you. Don’t let any anybody tell you differently.


Positive Thinking

Why I’m Writing This Post:

I’m writing this post because I came across this good blog post that spreads Positive badge-smThinking and I liked the idea so I’d thought I write this post.

Today we need all the positive thinking we can muster. But we shouldn’t just think about doing positive thinking but we should take every opportunity to show positive thinking and even create positive thinking where there isn’t any.


Creating positive thinking also helps with your attitude. If you don’t have a good attitude then you’re less likely to have a positive outlook but remember this it takes more wrinkles to create a frown then to create a smile. So smile because who wants all those wrinkles.

I wrote a post called WHAT MEETING MAYA ANGELOU DID FOR ME because Maya Angelou was a wonderful woman and very encouraging to. Below are some quotes of hers and another encouraging person who is P.K. Hallinan. The one quote is by an unknown source.

Graphic Credit: updateland.com

Make sure you have a smile on your face because people will wonder what you’re up to and your attitude will be a lot better.

Stay positive my friends.