On The Front Lines Or Behind The Scenes?

Do you work on the front lines? AKA at a hospital or Veterinarian Hospital or do work behind the scenes AKA at home. Either way know this, the work you’re doing at home or at some type of hospital your efforts are very much appreciated.

My one niece who is a Radiologist at a hospital up in Olean, New York. She has been told the hospital where she is at might get other Corona Virus cases from other hospitals and Clinics.

I wish you all the best and Thank You Very Much to those on Front Lines trying to help us the best they can and know how.






4 thoughts on “On The Front Lines Or Behind The Scenes?

  1. WE send our love & prayers to your Niece Crystal….this Virus is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Not even SARS scared me this much!!!
    I hope you & your Father & Daisy Mae are all well & safe!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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    1. We are safe and well so far. Dad is planning to get us groceries Wed. or Thurs.
      Haven’t from niece who works in New York lately. Hope she’s good.


  2. If we were still working we would be on the front line. We are happy we’re not working anymore. We are staying home as instructed.

    Thank you to all the folks working on the front line.

    Have a fabulous day. Stay well. ♥

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