Lock Downed & Quarantined?? (A Poem)


Poem Written By: Crystal Stewart

Poem Written on: 3-30-2020

Lock Downed & Quarantined??

Are you lock downed & quarantined?

Are you cooped up in your house?

Can’t go outside or go to work?

Wondering what to do?

Maybe You’ll work from home if

You’re able. Maybe you’ll be

Teaching School or maybe just

Maybe you’ll be at home in bed

Or in the hospital trying to get

Over the dreaded Corona Virus.

Either way, I hope you all you all

Will stay safe and Stay well.





7 thoughts on “Lock Downed & Quarantined?? (A Poem)

  1. APAWSS APAWSS Miss Crystal….Yore poe-em sayss it all….
    Wee are inn self isolation….made THE 2 weekss an tomorrow LadyMew will go shoppin; wee need foodabullss fore both of us an mee needss Feliway an Flea treetment an treetss…
    It iss goin to bee a long day…pleese purray LadyMew will bee safe. Shee iss goin to wear a mask an glovess…pawss crossed!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far so good. However, my one niece is a Radiologists at a hospital in Olean, New York one of the hot spots. She has been told they may be getting more Corona Virus patients.


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