Daisy Mae Shares Some Bad News

Hi everyone, How are you all among the Coronavirus deal?  I was talking with Mom Crystal and she said that she is going silent for a bit. No we are not quitting our 3 blogs at all. She said she might post every now and then. You see we regrettably have some bad news to share. No Mom or I doesn’t have that bad old Coronavirus thankfully. Actually it’s worse. Mom Crystal got 4 emails today saying someone had infected her computer with a virus a while ago with private malware. Please be patient with us while we deal with possibly being hacked. 

Hope to post soon.



10 thoughts on “Daisy Mae Shares Some Bad News

  1. Hello crystal: Sherri-Ellen here….this is NOT a joke. Someone HAS taken over your PC. And they are pretending to be Microsoft & want to help you for $1,000. It is a SCAM! Unfortunately you NEED to take your PC into a proper Tech Place like staples & they need to wipe & reformat your PC. If & when you can do that PLEASE make sure to get all photos & anything important in any folders transferred to a Flash Drive/Memory stick!
    You need a complete cleaning & reformatting of PC & then a serious protection package…I am using Norton with VPN protection. (Location protection).
    Even if you keep PC turned off for days or weeks whoever is running this scam still will have control of your PC.
    As we are all under only essential services open I doubt you will be able to get PC fixed til Corona Virus is gone.
    Please be safe & do NOT give anyone online any money OK??
    Give Daisy Mae a *kiss* from me & **purrss** from BellaDharma
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

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    1. We’re not even sure we were infected with a virus. It’s just something some person claims in 4 emails.
      We’re not taking any chances and won’t be blogging to much.
      Be Safe and Be Well My Friends!!


    1. What Daisy didn’t tell you they asked me for almost $1000 to make it go away. I noticed these past few weeks someone was using my location and just figured it was provider since we lost electricity briefly due to high winds. Not sure what to do.


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