All Fanned Out






13 thoughts on “All Fanned Out

  1. A lot of peepell bee-sides LadyMew tooked ‘angel’ Unkell siddhartha’ss death hard. LadyMew still criess to this day. Mee does mee best to play certain toyss like hee did an boss her ’round. Sumtimess shee sayss it iss like Unkell iss sorta still here. Shee loved him so furry much…mee not jelluss…mee knowss shee lovess mee a lot too!!!

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  2. Mew mew mwe Miss crystal iss not reelly her glasses; it iss her rite eye from when ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha attacked her an gouged her rite eye. Shee had had trubbell efurr sicne seein propurrlee. An she has no Insurance coverage so can not afford to see Eye Docktur….it will be another 1-2 yeerss bee-fore shee can make appointmint! So wee have to bare with her fore now 😉

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      1. It was furry scarey from what shee meowed to mee…hee gotted her rite eye inn 2 placess an shee lsot sum site..
        Then hee shredded her rite arm an her rite side of back. Her nitie was so covurred with blood shee had to throw it out. LadyMew furgave ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha…hee was so sick….it was all furry sad! 😦

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      1. Tell her to go to eye doctor and take her glasses with her. It’ll help. Although my glasses well I have yet to have them changed but in my defense, I have contacts that have been changed.

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