Almost Wordless Wednesday & A Special Pet Parade

Today Daisy Mae And I have an almost Wordless Wednesday & A Special Pet Parade for Christmas week. OK so there are no animals in the picture unless you count that guy in the red sleigh in a red suit with a black belt. Technically, Santa is an animal too.

A Christmas joke for you all today.

Christmas Joke: Why shouldn’t you pick a fight with Santa Claus?

Answer To Christmas Joke: Because he has a black belt!!




Top from Left to right is: Daisy Mae playing pole with her Dad. Next up we have Tigger laying on bed with my stuffed animals, Daisy Mae laying on her throne and the blankets from the Humane Society and now we have a beautiful White Swan protecting her her family. Middle picture is of my niece Alyssa. She’s holding her Cat Rascal and beside her are her Dogs Rolex and Josie.  Bottom picture from Left to right is: Josie and Rolex laying on the couch, Max on his Penguin blanket, Josie laying on the couch and finally Rolex laying on her back on the couch.






All Fanned Out





Pet Parade

My Pet Parade is literally of different kinds of pets. I have put all the pets in a framed collage below.

Pet Collage 1

From left to right in the top row is: Daisy Mae playing with her new toy, Next up is Angel Tigger on my bed with with a stuffed white cat and stuffed white polar bear, Next up is Daisy Mae all curled up on her throne by a cat pillow that looks very much like Angel Tigger(pillow was given to us by my sister after Tigger died), Now we end the top row with a Swan. The Swan was at a place where my sister and brother-in-law went for a weekend getaway. 

The middle picture in the collage is of my niece Alyssa who is holding their cat Rascal, The black dog which is a Great Dane/Chocolate Lab Mix is named Rolex and the other dog on the couch is named Josie. I think Josie is an Australian Shepard and something else. I’m sure it’s listed on her papers. Isn’t that a couch full?

In the third and final row from Left to Right is: Josie and Rolex, Next up is my other sister’s dog which is a Bichon Frise named Maxi, Next up is Josie and finally up is Rolex. Enjoy the Pet Parade.