Two Books Completed And A Third Book Started

YEAH HAVE GONE AND DONE ITYes I have. So what have I gone and done? Well… between helping take care of my Mother who can not walk and is in her Lift Chair 24/7 and recovering from an accident in December, a later accident and then one where I did a literal Face plant and did my shoulder in I somehow found time to complete two books and start another one. To give you an idea of my books here are the titles of my books and OH yeah there is a good chance there might be a fourth book too. So the titles of my books are as follows: The Hot, Sexy, Clueless, Arrogant, Cocky, Obstinate Cocky, Bachelor & The Unexpected Heir: Book 1, The Most Unexpected, Beautiful & Gorgeous Engagement Of The Century: Book 2 and the book I just started is entitled: The Most Beautiful & Gorgeous Wedding Of The Century: Book 3.

Somehow have managed to get three chapters finished and a fourth chapter started which means I’m at 13,858 words. I am trying to get to Novel Length which is 40,000 words which means I only have 26,142 words to go which for me is very easy at least for me it is since I’m very wordy LOL. I will try to keep you updated every now and then. Wish Me Luck.



18 thoughts on “Two Books Completed And A Third Book Started

  1. You go girl! That’s a great achievement, Crystal. Is that the cover of your book? It looks very nice😻Good Luck Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead and one extra for Daisy Mae🐾😽💞


  2. Congratulations. You are prolific even in the face of adversity. As I have said before, you need to get these books out there. Self publish or traditional route, either way, do it! I’d be tempted to trim the title lengths though else you’ll need bigger covers 🙂 KDP for self publishing is awesome means, and many of the writers in your romance genre earn mega money on it.
    Good luck wishes for your next book

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  3. WOW Miss Crystal you are simplee amazin! Concatss on finishin 2 bookss an startin Numburr 3.
    Wee are furry sorry that yore Meowmy had fallss an now can not walk well. This iss so sad. An wee are sorry you face planted an herted yore shoulder two.
    Wee hope you heal well. An wee hope that yore Meowmy getss sum strength back to walk more….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Yeah leave it to me to find some way of doing things up good.
      My Face Plant was better than a usual kitty cat face plant MOL, LOL.
      It wasn’t my My who fell but me.
      I think and hope things get better soon

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      1. My walking is A OK.
        Mommy is hanging in but due to her Lupus/Dermatomyositis she can’t walk anymore. She has lost all her strength. She has skin problems too.
        Thanks for your purrayerss
        Crystal And Daisy Mae

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      2. Oh Miss Crustal wee are happy yore up an about an no damage. BellaSita xplained about yore Meowmy’ss condition an now mee understandss.
        Shee meowed to mee her 2nd Couzin’ss 1st wife had Lupus an shee reememburrss how Fredelle ended up unable to walk….it iss furry sad..
        Yore Meowmy iss blessed to have such a lovelee Dot-her as you!
        ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

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