Box Set + Sequel Completed + Another Book Started

Another milestone complete, I completed my box set + Sequel + started another book in which I have a partial title for and this makes me happy. This gives me hope that I am talented at something and one of my dreams is that someday I will be published and even if I’m not well I know I’m a talented writer even if it is for fun.

Happy Tuesday is always fun especially when something you have just accomplished makes you happy and you want to share that with others.

Wish me luck with this next book because not sure it is going to be a stand a lone book or not. I’m also not sure where I want this book to go. I’ve got plenty of ideas swirling around in my mind but getting them to paper and figuring out where they should go is another story.


14 thoughts on “Box Set + Sequel Completed + Another Book Started

  1. Crystal would you believe out of the bazillion experiences I’ve had in my Life, I’ve never played “Truth Or Dare”!!!
    I have been dared to do things…my favorite DARE was to go Bridge Diving. Diving off a Bridge 50 to 75 feet above the water was truly insane! Trust me, I ALWAYS scouted out locations b4 doin a dive……
    I have to really think about this topic! 😉

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    1. Thanks and that means so much to me coming from you.
      Hey, I got a question I need some really good suggestions for Big Dares. Right now the only Dares I can think of are well naughty LOL.
      Thanks for your help

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      1. Well that’s the problem I really don’t have any ideas now. Just gathering ideas for Big Dares.
        Think of Big Dares someone might Dare you to do in the game Truth or Dare.

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