With Heavy Hearts….

Daisy Mae And  are just heartbroken. We found out today more of our Kitty Cat friends have earned their wings and passed over The Rainbow Bridge. With 2020 being rough on us all in one way or another and Christmas around the corner, we’ve a lot to do including keeping 2020 at bay. The year 2020 has taken so many of our pets and Kitty Cat friends and made their Human owners heartbroken and really, really sad.

In the last few days, we have found out that we need send condolences to more Human pet owners. This time, they lost their Kitty Cats. To give these pet owners condolences please visit their sites and leave a comment. The most recent pet owners who lost a pet are:

Miss Ellen at 15 AND MEOWING  who just lost Jinx, her beautiful Kitty Cat.

Gracie from animal shelter volunteer life earned her wings and joined Jinx over The Rainbow Bridge.

Finally, Henri from his you tube channel Henri Chat Noir  . 

These 3 Kitty Cats joined the other pets who passed in 2020 and before and left their owners heartbroken. Although right now sadness and plenty of tears are in these pet owners eyes, in time their pain will ease but one thing is 100% for sure and that’s they’ll never forget their pet they lost.

Although all the pet owners who lost a friend in 2020 and before are sad right now always remember, your pet may not be by your side but will always be in your heart.

Your memories are golden of your pet and are meant to be shared with your friends & family. I don’t know what else to say Daisy Mae And I are just heartbroken at these deaths and so many happening too.

For those of you skeptical of The Rainbow Bridge, I assure you that there is a pet heaven too. Now I never heard of The Rainbow Bridge until I started  blogging but always believed that there was a Pet heaven. God loves all his animals and will always love them.

To those who recently lost a pet, our condolences. If you ever lost any type of pet in 2020 or before, you know the heartbreak of losing a pet. Yes, I even know that heartbreak and sadly have experienced many times over like some of you probably have.

Best Wishes To All Of You.

Always remember my friends, Cats leave paw prints on our hearts.





Millie: A Poem

Written By: Crystal Stewart

Written On: 1-25-2020 



Millie, you were a beautiful and 

Smart White Cat that was born

In the Mill Yard but despite that you

Somehow survived and found your 

Furrever home with a loving family.

Millie, you were a special cat in

More ways than one. You had one 

Blue eye and one green eye. You

Lived a full and active life.

It was so sad and we were

Devastated when we found out

You earned your wings to go over

The Rainbow Bridge but before you

Went over the Rainbow Bridge, we

Made many memories that we’ll

Cherish and treasure of you. We will

Always love you and miss you. We

Loved you so much that you left

Pawprints on our hearts.

Millie, you have become an angel

And aren’t miserable or suffering in

Pain anymore and are romping with

Other cats and other pets now.

Millie sweet kitty cat, you are now

An angel and will be sadly missed.

So when a Monarch Butterfly shows

Up with its beautiful wings know

That it’s your sweet Millie

Coming to check on you and your 

Family. When you see more than one

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly don’t

Worry because that is your sweet

Millie With all the friends

She’s met.

You will know when you see see a

Bunch of Butterflies,

A flock of Birds, Hummingbirds

Staying together

As if to say I’m here for you and

Don’t be to upset or mad because it

Rains or Snows. You see the Rain


The Snow are your friends not to

Mention when it rains and snows

That’s me Angel Millie sitting on

Your shoulder and saying, I’m here

To make you and the family OK.

Millie, thank you for all the


You left pawprints on our hearts.






Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019

Welcome my wonderful readers. You may call me crazy after what happened to me today. You see when I woke up this Morning, I had this strange feeling. It was very strong. My mind was racing which is something because I’m not a Morning person. Then after breakfast, I saw 2 humming birds just there on my deck. Then after I read on several blogs it was Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2019. I knew what that strong feeling was. I was remembering my cat Tigger. 

None of you probably remember my Tabby Cat Tigger but may have read about her. You see, sadly Tigger earned her wings and went to Rainbow Bridge on 9-11-2015. A bitter sweet day. Bitter because my cat died and sweet because 9-11 would have been my Grandmother’s birthday if she hadn’t passed away a few years earlier. I miss my Grandmother and my rescue Tabby Cat Tigger. There are 2 pictures of my rescue Tabby Cat Tigger below. She’s now over the Rainbow Bridge and playing and teaching all the other animals that come after her. 










I made it to my final home and even

 Though I left my forever Family and

Friends sad I want you all to know that

I’m not suffering anymore and I’m happy

And having fun with the Angels that went

On before me. I want you to know that each

Day in the Spring and Summer I will try to 

Come each day and in the Fall watch the

Leaves and in the winter watch the

Snowflakes and the Stars because I will 

Be there whether you can see me or not.

Just know that even though you are sad now,

We will see and be together someday and 

Then we will play and go for walks together

And have fun just like we used to do.

                                                                    —By                                                                                                          Crystal  Stewart—

This post is in honor of Purrince Siddhartha’s Life. We will miss you Purrince.

Daisy Mae Does Friendly Fill-Ins



Hi everyone, I’m excited because I asked The Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal if I could do the Friendly Fill-Ins this week and guess what? She said sure I could do it if I wanted. In fact, she said I could do them every week if I wanted to. WOW!! she wants to give me more responsibility. I guess if I’m going to have my name on her site I better do my part. So here it goes my first Friendly Fill -Ins. 

  1. My wonderful forever family brings out the best in me.

  2. Cat fights, animal cruelty, heat and humidity and going to the vet make me grumpier than Grumpy Cat.

  3. If money grew on trees I could help other animals, get a tall scratcher with multiple floors, I could help St. Labre Indian School and send money to Biblical churches and organizations. 

  4. I have a fear of getting stuck somewhere and not being rescued. I also have a fear of accidentally getting out and my forever family leaving me.

Remember Everyone RAINBOBRIDGREMBRENCDAis August 28. For those who don’t know what this day is or about it is a day that is set aside to remember the pets companions we’ve lost. The death of a pet whether furry, feathered or an uncommon variety, we feel the loss deeply. They become family and a familiar part of our lives. You can find more out by going to Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day August 28th and Rainbow Remembrance Day(Choose Your Link) 

Remember to put #Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day so we can find your posts.

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