Our Blogging Journey

1. Daisy Mae And I started our Blogging Journey well as a fluke. I kept getting all these pop ups and Ads about start blogging WordPress several times a day. I guess you could say we got tired of seeing these ads so we started blogging out of pure curiosity. That was 3 years ago soon to be 4 on CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and we just celebrated our 4th year over at WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) . You see, I started WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE (ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) first which was in Jan. 2017 and started CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE in April of 2017. I have contributed to other blogs and just started another blog this past year in 2020 on the Google/Blogger platform. My blog over there is called TIGGER AND FRIENDS .

2. One thing about my blog or my blogging goal that you accomplished in 2020, that made you most proud. I finished my first 5 book box set draft. That’s right you read  that right. I was able to learn how to continue using Classic Editor despite WordPress introducing and implementing The New Block Editor (which I hate might I add).

3Which of my 2020 posts was most popular with my audience? Why do I think it did so well? Well I was surprised at my most popular post. It seems it was my Home Page/Archives post with 146 views. However after that, is my post A Tribute to Tigger with 53 views. Another popular post was An Unexpected Friendship with 76 views (Sept. 2019). Why did these posts do so well? I think people want to see who I am and what’s our blog about and A Tribute To Tigger did well I think because of the love of Cats, animal lovers, people who love poetry, people just curious to see who we are but most of all our wonderful regular readers.

4.  What was the biggest blogging challenge we faced in 2020, and how did we tackle it? Our biggest challenge was trying to make time to put up posts on our blog. How did we tackle it? We posted when we could and “played everything by ear”.

5What is one thing we learned 2020 that can help us be better bloggers? Actually, the one thing I learned to help us all become better was right after I started blogging. I learned how important a blog title and blog tag is and my one thing we learned in 2020 was how to still be able to use Classic Editor after the Block Editor was implemented.


6What are our top 3 goals for 2021? 

  a. To post more.

  b. To get more readers and followers.

  c. To comment more.

  d. To start writing a book and get at least part of it completed.

7In a perfect world, where do we see ourselves and your blog(s) 1 year from now? There is no such thing as a perfect world. With how 2020 was and 2021 started out well we really don’t know. However, we hope things get better all around and we’re still here a year from now. We’re hoping for more posts, followers, readers and so much more. 

8If you had $1,000 to spend on your blog how would you spend it? We would buy a custom domain name and use some money for SEO too. We’re not good SEO/technical stuff.

9What is one skill we’d like to learn or improve in 2021? SEO/Technical stuff. We hope that gets better.

10If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with challenge you’re having with your blog, what would it be? MMM… Can only ask 1 question huh? Meowsers that’s a hard question. How can we improve our blog with our SEO/technical stuff and why is it so important? We promise this is all 1 question. We need to ask our wonderful pet blogging community a lot of questions.