Our Letter To Santa

Hi everyone, it’s that time of the year where you go out to the store and buy gifts for friends and family. However, COVID 19 has tried it’s best to put the Kibosh on Christmas and the holidays this year. But whatever you do, don’t you let  it. Yes, you’ll have to get creative on how to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and the holidays this year but celebrate responsibly. Mom Crystal and I have been trying to get creative but it’s tough when you’re not that crafty. Anyhow, we have written letters to Santa. See our Letter to Santa below.


Crystal & Daisy Mae’s Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

I know it’s been crazy this year due to this Pandemic called COVID 19. I’m here to tell you don’t give up and keep pursuing Christmas 2020 as it was any other Christmas. We love your work and what you bring us each year.

Anyway Santa, Mom Crystal and I have a special request for you this Christmas in this crazy year. Our request/favor is we would like you to give those who can’t make ends meat or pay their bills please provide them a way to do these things. Also, we ask that the pandemic goes away completely and doesn’t come back. Give each person a special gift whether they deserve it or not. Also, please give Mom Crystal and I a special gift too.

Thank You Santa.

Mom Crystal And Daisy Mae




Caturday Art

Daisy Mae and I are doing a special Caturday Art.  We doing Caturday Art in 2 parts. Part 1 will be Caturday Art and Part 2 will be our conversation about Queen Daisy Mae’s 12th Birthday gift surprise.  

Since September is Daisy Mae’s Birthday Month(September 12) is the date we chose since she was around 4 weeks old when we took her in. I wanted to do something special for her so I did. In Part 2 is our conversation in Daisy Mae’s terms our dreaded Conversation. Hah, Hah.😂😂 Now let’s start with Caturday Art shall we?


bloggif_5baf863a0bdf8- Pencil

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae. Oh Daisy Mae where are you? Oh Queen Daisy Mae where are you my sweet sugar poops and sweet pea(keeping in mind Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal knows where Queen Daisy Mae is all along)?

Queen Daisy Mae: Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal thinks she can fool me into coming out from my hiding place and one of my favorite places where I like to sleep just so she can punish me for something she thinks I did, she’s got another thought coming.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Queen Daisy Mae where oh where are? Queen Daisy Mae where oh where are you? Queen Daisy Mae you really need to come out of your favorite hiding place you’re sleeping.

Queen Daisy Mae: WHY?

Queen Deputy Sister Crystal: Well…because I want to love you and if you don’t obey me, I’ll take your title away until you do. Remember Queen Daisy Mae just like I did before.

Queen Daisy Mae: So you want me to come out of my favorite hiding and sleeping spot because why? So you can punish me.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Punish you Queen Daisy Mae? Oh No my sweet sugar poops. I don’t want to punish you. I have a surprise for you after we do Caturday Art.

Queen Daisy Mae: So you really don’t want to punish me?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: No I don’t want to punish you but have a Birthday gift for you.

Queen Daisy Mae: A Birthday gift? Really? From you? Wait, it’s not my Birthday so why are you giving me a Birthday gift not that I’m complaining or anything.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: OK Queen Daisy Mae Let me try to answer your questions but only if you come out from your favorite hiding sleeping spot.

Queen Daisy Mae: Come find me Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal.

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: OK I’ll come find you but be it best to remember Queen Daisy Mae you don’t come out you don’t get your Birthday gift.

Queen Daisy Mae: OK, OK, OK, OK Queen Mom Sister Deputy Sister Crystal, I’ll come out but only to get some loving from you and to get my Birthday gift then back to my favorite hiding spot where I like to sleep or at least one of them. Is that OK?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: OK Queen Daisy Mae OK that’ll be fine.

Queen Daisy Mae: OK Queen Mom I’ve come out just for you to get my loving from you and of course get my Birthday surprise gift from you the Queen( not the Queen of England).

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: I’m glad Queen Daisy Mae you’re such a good and smart little Tuxedo Cat. Now to answer ALL your questions. Here are the questions with their answers Queen Daisy Mae.

  • A Birthday Gift? Yes a Birthday gift.

  • Really? No not Willy(joke in my family) but Yes to Queen Daisy Mae.

  • You asked from you? Yes from me. As for it’s not your birthday well I know that. You see you were about 4 weeks old when we took you in and you got your furever home and you’ve been with us for 12 years. 

Queen Daisy Mae: So I’m 12 years old? So I’m able to be a Crotchety Cougar?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes Queen Daisy Mae you’re roughly 12 years old. Not quite eligible to be a Crotchety Cougar. You have 3 years to go before you can become a Crotchety Cougar.

Queen Daisy Mae: OH!! Can we move on to the Birthday gift?

Queen Mom Deputy Sister Crystal: Yes Queen Daisy Mae since you had enough loving I guess we can move on to your surprise Birthday gift. Without further adieu here is your surprise Birthday gift.

Queen Daisy Mae: Boy O Boy O Boy!!



Dear Daisy Mae,

I wrote this love letter to tell you how much my family and I love you and how happy and pleased I am that my family and I took you in and gave you a furever home.

Daisy Mae, when your MOM dropped you off and told you to meow as loud as you could so my family and I could find you, take you into our home and love you like there was no tomorrow. We did just that and we couldn’t be happier that we did.

Daisy Mae, I love you so much that words don’t seem enough to tell you how much we love you. You have snuggled into our lives from the time you were a kitten to an adult cat and I love you so much for that.

You are such a sweet, cuddly, lovable cat and I’m so happy my family decided to give you furever home because having you as part of the family is one of the best things we ever did.