Intermediate Customization, Day 10: HTML Columns, Tables and Post Styling


Day 10 has come and gone and guess what everyone you know what that mean? You guessed it if you said I completed another course. I’m so happy to be done. It wasn’t as easy as they made it sound. Below is what we covered.

  • How to use preformatting to space text exactly as you like.
  • How to control line breaks and indentation.
  • How to create columns.
  • How to add tables.

I’m grateful to be done. Now I think it’s time for a well deserved break.

Intermediate Customization, Day 8: Widget Visibility


Today was interesting. Didn’t really understand what I was doing or what I was reading. Today I had to adjust the visibility of one of my widgets. Once I started  reading how to do it, I was so confused.

I try to understand what they want me to know on widget visibility but sometimes things can be so confusing.

Areas we covered today were:

  • How to configure widget visibility settings.
  • Ways to use widget visibility to your advantage.

Intermediate Customization, Day 7: Custom Text And Image Widgets


Today we went over how to create custom texts and create a custom image. The areas that were covered were:

  • Image widget basics.
  • Custom image widget inspiration.
  • How to create a custom image with PicMonkey or Canva.
  • How to use custom images in text widgets.

Why use text widgets? Image widgets can be used for just about anything; we particularly appreciate when bloggers use them to highlight social networking profiles, direct our attention to special features, or draw us into different sections of their blogs. They’re eye-catching, and encourage readers to explore.

Intermediate Customization, Day 6: Organizing Your Sidebar


Today is Day 6 and today we organized our sidebar. Today we had to add 1 widget to our sidebar. However, we didn’t have to keep it. The areas we covered today were:

  • What widgets are and how they’re useful.
  • How to Choose the right widgets for your blog.
  • Basic ways to customize widgets.

The one thing I want to learn is how to move your widgets around to where you want them. I know it sounds crazy but I’d like to learn this in case I decide I want to move my widgets around. Maybe it’s not crazy after all.

Intermediate Customization, Day 4: Backgrounds and Fonts


Today is Day 4 of 10 of my blogging course. Almost halfway there-Yeah!!🙂🙂 Today the three areas we covered were:

  • How to add and edit backgrounds.
  • Color relationships, and how to use them.
  • How to choose and update fonts.

Every blogger has the opportunity to do this. Myself included.

Tomorrow is 1/2 way-Yeah!!🎆🎆🙂🙂🎆🎆

Intermediate Customization, Day 3: Custom Headers


It’s Day 3 of 10 of my blogging course and we’re learning about Custom headers. The 3 areas we covered today were:

  • How to turn any photo into a custom header.
  • How to create a custom graphic or text header.
  • The finishing touches that highlight your new header.

Intermediate Customization, Day 2: Visuals And Header Basics

bloggingu-blue-logoIt’s Day 2 of 10 of my Intermediate customization. Today we are concentrating on Visuals And Header Basics. We will be covering 3 areas and they are:

  • The characteristics of a great header.
  • Header options and jargon.
  • How to add a header or site logo.

Tomorrow will probably be more difficult because it is about learning how to create custom completely custom header images for a polished, professional look! I have a picture I think would be good for a custom heading.

Since I have no information on my theme, I don’t know if my theme supports a header or not. I’m taking a course and they don’t give me all the information. How am I suppose to learn? I practice and go through the motions.


Intermediate Customization, Day One: Understanding Your Theme

bloggingu-blue-logoHi everyone, I’m continuing to learn more about blogging by taking another blogging course. Sounds easy, trust me it’s not.  My third course is called:Intermediate Customization.

Today is day 1 of 10 of my new blogging course, Intermediate Customization and we learned about 3 different things and they are:

  • Finding your themes details.
  • Understanding the jargon and features.
  • Getting theme inspiration to improve your own site.

Normally I would find the theme details easy enough but when I went to find the theme details, I found out my theme for my site had been retired therefore I had no information to work with.