What You Need To Know…


Hi and Welcome, I sure hope everyone is doing A OK. I want to talk to you today about something that happens more than we realize. Also, it’s rarely talked about. So what am I talking about? A doctor’s referral to another doctor that’s not really a referral at all. There’s really no name for it. 


When we go to a doctor we there are so many things we expect from our doctors only we don’t always get it now do we? Whether we take our child to a Pediatrician, A PCP(Primary Care Physician), A Specialist or some other doctor every doctor comes with many questions. However, when a doctor after some time out of the blue starts pushing for you to see another doctor or specialist for no reason at all at least not any the doctor will admit when you keep asking you have no reason to think that doctor will lie to you. You trust and respect the doctor. But there are things that we can do and be careful of. Let’s take a look at what we can do and what we shouldn’t do (AKA The Pros And Cons). Let’s start with What We Can Do.

What We Can Do:

1.) When a doctor asks us questions we don’t understand, be sure to ask your doctor for clear clarification.

2.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your doctor even after he delivers his clarification if you still don’t understand.

3.) Always have medical questions to ask your doctor and if anymore questions pop up while your with your doctor, ask him/her.

4.) If your doctor starts pushing you to see another doctor/specialist after out of blue for some unexplained reason, first stick to your guns when you say no. Don’t ever go to another doctor unless its really necessary.

5.) Always ask your doctor is this a referral and the second part of that question to your doctor should be: Will I be able to come back to see you after seeing this doctor? Hopefully your doctor will be honest with you.

What We Shouldn’t Do:

1.) If your doctor says you need to see a specialist. Please, Please don’t just sit there and take your doctor’s word. If anything, ask why?

2.) Don’t just assume. I was always taught and forgive the language but I was always taught if you assume and I quote “You will make an ass out u and me”. Like I said it’s a quote.

3.) Never go to another doctor/specialist without asking will I be able to come back and see you?

My Story:

When I was a very young child, my mother took me to this pediatrician. He was really good with his young patients. I was old enough to understand but still young enough to see a Pediatrician. I saw this Pediatrician for many many years. Then out of the blue and unbeknownst to us, he started  pushing for me to see a specialist every time I saw him. We asked him and gave his reason why. After a while and after a lot of pushing, we went and saw the specialist he recommended. What we didn’t know we saw my doctor for the last time and not by our choice. We went back to make an appointment with the receptionist to see my doctor and that’s when she said, What are you doing here? Mom explained why we were there and she said, he’s said he’s not your doctor anymore. We were like WHAT?? She said you went to see another doctor. We said, yes by his recommendation. We learned the Bad News from the Receptionist. The Receptionist of all people. Never did get an explanation from the doctor. 

Don’t let this happen to you. We asked questions and still got the shaft somehow.

What Did We Learn?  

We learned that you should always ask your doctor questions even after he’s given you his clarification. Even though he’s your doctor and you trust him/her, always ask when they start referring you to another doctor. Why? What’s your reasoning? Is it really necessary? Most important of all, will I be able to come  back and see you if I go to this doctor?

I write this article not to be critical of doctors but so what happened to me doesn’t happen to any of you.  






Helping The Hungry, The Homeless And Pets


While we celebrate Christmas and New Year this holiday season by stuffing ourselves with food and maybe even wasting some of that food you can’t eat, before taking too much food think of all the people in the world that goes hungry because they don’t have food to eat and they might be even homeless. 

When I looked at the charts I was in absolute awe. So many people in poverty and going hungry. Below are some things we all can do to help.


Maybe if everyone would adopt just 1 person and send some food, a nice warm blanket to somebody who needs it you can help one person at a time. If you can get someone into a shelter for a while even better. I know there are organizations who send care packages, there are some where you adopt a platoon and of course there is Marine Toys For Tots. So once the Christmas gifts are unwrapped and the celebrating is done take some time out of your day to help the people who really need it.


I’m not say quit baking but if you do bake during the Christmas and New Years Season when you bake something for your double the batch and make a batch for someone who really needs help. If you can’t cook well that’s OK because you can help out by sending care packages, helping serve food to the hungry, help out at a food pantry and etc… There are so many ways you can help. 

My post has been all about people so far but we must not forget about the animals who need a forever home, need food and water, need saving from being killed.  So if you are getting a gift for yourself this Christmas and New Years Season there is so much you need to know and do before getting that pet. What should you know? A few things you should consider before getting a pet is:

  • If you have kids do research on what breed is best for kids.
  • Consider unexpected vet bills.
  • Make sure you get pet insurance(it’s worth it).
  • Make sure you get your pet microchipped.
  • Make sure you start looking for a pet to rescue or adopt at a reputable shelter.
  • If you get a kitten, make sure they’re not flea dipped to early(always let a vet flea dip your kitten instead of a person at the shelter).

There are so many more points to research and do when you decide to get that pet it will just boggle your mind. 








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