MY SPARKS FOR THE WEEK IS ENCOURAGING ADVICE. THIS IS ADVICE WE ALL SHOULD TAKE AND REMEMBER.My encouraging advice to everyone  is to remember that we’ve all failed at one time or another in our lifetime and if you haven’t failed yet you eventually will. When you do fail you will feel like giving up.  My suggestion to you is DON’T GIVE UP!!  How is this encouraging? It’s encouraging because failure at something we desire to have or want really, really bad  means one thing and one thing only and that is that we are headed in the right direction to get  what we want and sometimes we find that we are blessed with something better than we wanted. Also, always remember that the Big named people at Big named companies didn’t get to the top overnight. Another thing to remember is that they had to fail multiple times before making it big so don’t worry if you fail multiple times. http://mcguffysreader.com started this project and tries to spread encouragement weekly. She also invites anyone who wants to help her spread encouragement.  If you like this post and/or site please use the contact form and it will be put in manually. Thanks In Advance.



We all need encouragement daily and I found these encouraging words to be helpful and hope they are helpful and are an inspiration to you. Below is my Spark.words_of_encouragement