Bye-Bye Google+

Hi everyone and welcome, Daisy Mae and I are glad you are here. For those who haven’t heard by now Google+ is going away completely as of April 2, 2019.

We want you to know this because this is going to cause some troubles for us. No we aren’t going away. However, those of you who require G+/Blogger only when commenting well…that’s going to be a problem. Why you ask? It’s because we won’t be able to comment on your blog anymore. We’ll continue to follow you but we won’t be able to comment. However, those of you that allow Name/Blog URL well we’ll do our best to comment. We understand why some of you don’t allow anonymous people who comment. We understand it’s because of Spammers. 

We are sorry we won’t be able to comment as of April 2. We’ll be reading even if we can’t comment. I found this out not through an e-mail from Google+(which would’ve nice) but noooooooooooooooooo, I had to hear it from someone on Disqus. Glad he told me too.

We wrote this so all of you could be prepared and make any changes to your blog if you wish to do so. We’ll see you at your blog hopefully.

Best Wishes,



I made it to my final home and even

 Though I left my forever Family and

Friends sad I want you all to know that

I’m not suffering anymore and I’m happy

And having fun with the Angels that went

On before me. I want you to know that each

Day in the Spring and Summer I will try to 

Come each day and in the Fall watch the

Leaves and in the winter watch the

Snowflakes and the Stars because I will 

Be there whether you can see me or not.

Just know that even though you are sad now,

We will see and be together someday and 

Then we will play and go for walks together

And have fun just like we used to do.

                                                                    —By                                                                                                          Crystal  Stewart—

This post is in honor of Purrince Siddhartha’s Life. We will miss you Purrince.