Commenting Basics: Day 5 – Commenting On Comments


Hey everyone, guess what? Today is day 5 of 5 of my Commenting Basics Course. To day I had to find a comment that looked interesting and comment on it. It was hard to find a comment but I found one. Actually, I found more than 1 so I commented on more than 1 comment.

Some of today’s tips talked about linking. I’m new at linking but I’m halfway there. I guess I’ll see if there are more courses I need to take. LOL. >”<🙂🙂>”<

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 14 Of 14 – Create Your Own Feature


Today is day 14 of 14 for my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course. I’m so excited I made it through my blogging course. Today I have to Create My Own Feature for my blog. What does that mean? It means to find readers on a daily basis I should commit to something on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

What am I going to commit to on a regular basis? After some thought, I thought I would do book reviews of some books I have read and book reviews on books I will read. Of course I will continue to post pictures too.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I will look at them then consider every suggestion. Also, please tell me what you think of my idea on doing book reviews regularly. Like I said previously, I will consider all suggestions.


Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 13-Build Your Brand


Today is Day 13 of 14 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course so I’m almost Done. I haven’t decided if I’m going to take any more courses or not.

What We Learned:

Today we learned how to Build Your Brand. I was confused when I saw the title but when I read on I understood a little better what they wanted and meant. So what did they want? They wanted you to build a custom icon. This is how they told us to do it.

How We Did It:

  1. First, they told us to choose a little image to represent your blog – a small photo, your initials, or a piece of your header image all work well.
  2. Next, we were told to click on the General Settings tab that was provided to us.
  3. Finally, we were to click on the “Choose File” under the Site Icon tools on the right to upload your image, and follow the prompts to save it.

Then after we were given these steps, were told if you want to change your image, you can find the uploading tool by going to My Site > Settings > Site Icon.

I have chosen as my Site Icon a picture of what the country looks like in the Fall. Someone from my sister’s family, the Eyth Family took the picture. In my opinion it is a beautiful picture and makes a good site icon for CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 12- Make Some New Connections


For Day 12 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course, we had to go to The Daily Post Prompts page and scroll down to the grid of responses. Then I had to pick 6 responses that caught my eye and read them. Then I had to leave comments on at least 2 of the responses. If you skipped the day before, then all you had to do was to leave 2 comments anywhere you’d like and follow 2 new blogs.

Even though I may have the choice to skip a day, my thoughts are if you don’t do the course work you don’t learn anything. Also, if you took this course then do the course work.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 11 – Make A Prompt Personal: Daily Prompt- Overcome


Today is Day 11 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course.  Today I’m to make a prompt personal. How I do this is going to The Daily Post and see what the Daily prompt is and if it doesn’t move me, I’m to try another. I’m also to give a link to the prompt so that others can find my post on the prompt page.

Today The Daily Prompt Is: Overcome so that is what my post is about:

Overcoming something personal is never easy to do but it is well worth it in the end because what you’re striving to overcome you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you do, it will be one happy day for you when you finally overcome your troubles.

When I was in Elementary School, is when I had to start overcoming my troubles. You see, I was picked on and/or bullied the whole way through Elementary School and High School and then after High School graduation, I got told by a counselor that I would never go to college. Not a good feeling.

But in the end, everything turned out for the best. My parents and grandparents supported me and I started out at a community college and graduated from there then transferred up to a 4 year college and graduated from there. Although, I had one professor think that the best thing for me would be to drop his class. When I stuck it out and passed his class he took me aside and told me he was glad I stuck his class out and that he was happy for me.

When I graduated, I was very happy because I had something no one could take from me-a degree. Also I was happy because I did something that I was told I would never do.

The End Result: 

The end result was me not ending up with one degree but two degrees. I had overcome being picked on and bullied in school as well as being told I couldn’t do something. Overcoming this wasn’t easy but with support from my family I eventually overcame everything.

A Suggestion:

Everyone has something they need to overcome so don’t think you are alone because you’re not. With support you’ll eventually overcome your problems. Some problems are harder to overcome than others so they will take longer to resolve. Once again if you have support you’ll find out it’s easier to face.

Links To The Daily Post:

The Daily Post

The Daily Post Prompt: Overcome

For The Daily Post



Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 10- Building A Better Blogroll


Today is Day 10 and I’m learning how to build a better blogroll. You can do this 2 ways. A blogroll can be built with the Blog I Follow Widget or you can use the text widget. I decided to use both.

4 more days to go and my Fundamentals Of Blogging Course will be finished. It’s hard to believe that it’s gone so fast.

Until my next update, happy blogging everyone.

Fundamentals of Blogging: Day 9- Get Inspired By The Neighbors


Yesterday I left comments on 4 different posts to meet my blogging neighbors. Today, my course work is to build on one of these comments that inspires me.

What Site And Post I Chose:

The site I Chose was The Joyful Soul Creates and the post I Chose was Elephantastic Birthday.

The Comment I’ve Chosen To Build Upon: 

Samanthamurdochblog: Ah-how sweet! I can never make up my mind how to do light…I just do a vague scribble and hope it’s interpreted as a shadow.

The Joyful Soul Creates answered her and this is what her answer was: Haha that’s pretty much what I was doing, but now ive started trying to really think it through. I just signed up to some online colouring classes too which should help!🙂

The comment I have chosen to build upon and that inspired me is by samanthamurdochblog commenting on The Joyful Soul Creates(Lady Joyful) site. The post is called Elephantastic Birthday and the link is here . The comment is above.

Why I Chose This Comment:

Even though the comments between samanthamurdochblog and Lady Joyful were short, they were thought-provoking. They were discussing shadowing and coloring of the lighting of the card. I found it thought-provoking because I never thought about how to do shadowing, lighting and coloring and how it might affect the look of the post they are working on. They even discussed the interpretation of  how it looks and what other people think as well. Lady Joyful took a coloring class in hopes to help her out with this issue.

This Is What The Card Looks Like When It Is Finished:


Credit: This card was made by The Joyful Soul Creates. For the link for this card called Elephantastic Birthday please Click Here

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 8- Introduce Yourself To The Neighbors

bloggingu-blue-logoToday is day 8 of my blogging course and what I had to do today was Introduce Myself to my blogging neighbors. I did this by going to Discover and visiting blogs and also commenting on 4 new blogs. I even followed a couple of blogs.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 7 -Personalizing Your Site

bloggingu-blue-logoI have made it through 7 days or 1 week of my Blogging Course-Yeah!!🙂🙂 Today’s blogging course is on Personalizing Your Site(Examples: Custom Header Image or Background).

I am thrilled in making it through a week of my blogging course. Another week to go and I’m done with this section. So far so good. Hope things stay that way.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 6- Make an Irresistible “About” Page

bloggingu-blue-logoToday is Day 6 of my blogging course. It was on writing an irresistible “About” Page. I have updated my “About” Page so please take a look at it. Everything is good so far and I’m pleased. They even give you tips. I’ll keep you updated on my Blogging University progress.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 5-Love Your Theme

bloggingu-blue-logoDay 5 of my blogging course was entitled Love Your Theme. I like my current theme which is Bouquet but I wouldn’t say I love it. I did find a theme I like and it’s called Blask but when I went to set it up, I found to technical for me so I kept my current theme. I would have liked this theme too.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 4 – Animals


puppyHello Everyone, I’m in day 4 of day 14 of my blogging course and what I have today is brainstorm the kind of reader you hope will read your blog. Also, I have to embed media(images, videos and etc..) in my new post including some tags. I have decided to do my post on animals.

There are many different kinds of animals in this world and each animal helps us daily in one way or another. When you think about, we have dogs and cats that help us by being a companion, dogs are used in the military to help the soldiers and cats are used in nursing homes to help people get better.


Then there are zoo animals and animals from the woods. These animals believe it or not also help us in more ways than one. Some examples of zoo animals are: Gorillas, Kodiak Bears, orangutans and many more. Why are these animals so important? Gorillas, Kodiak Bears, Orangutans and other zoo animals help us by making us happy when we go to the zoo.


Animals from the woods like Bears, Turkeys, Squirrels, Deer just to name a few.



Bears help us because they give us a beautiful sight to see and they make us realize how powerful they are. Turkeys help us because we not only get to see how pretty they are but the fact we have an opportunity to hunt them for food. Squirrels are animals that help us because we have the opportunity to hunt them for food, Squirrels gather some nuts up for us so we don’t have to and squirrels are pretty to look at. Deer and Fawns help us because they’re beautiful to look at plus you have the opportunity to hunt them for food when they’re in season and you’re licensed.



Finally, Farm animals help us because once they’re raised to adulthood some farm animals are used for food, they also make good pets and companions. Ducks who are also farm animals and help us by making good pets, companions and sometimes even food.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit how some of these animals have helped us and will continue to help us daily, then you watch the news and what do you see? A lot of news about Hurricane Harvey and what damage that hurricane has caused. It has not only displaced a lot of people but a lot of animals too.

These animals need a lot of help and since they help us daily, I hope these animals get the help they need.



Fundamentals OF Blogging: Day 3- Engaging And Meeting The Blogging Community


thCASA97VTI’m in Day 3 of my Fundamentals Of Blogging and I was to search the Reader and follow 5 new blogs. I followed more than 5 blogs. OK, I can over achieve sometimes. The blogs I followed are:

  1. Izobofolo’s Blog
  2. Animals
  3. Books, dogs and cats
  4. Homemade Crafts and Photos by Dory
  5. Life with Dogs and Cats
  6. Rabbit Girl Crafts
  7. Smoky Cat and Sally Dog
  8. thekitchensgarden

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 2-Why I Chose This Title And Tagline


Why I Chose This Title?

I chose my blog title, CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE  because it identifies who I am and what my site is about.

Why I Chose This Tagline?

This tagline states what I’m about and love to do. It’s that simple. I love my family, country living, writing poetry and the more comes what ever else I like to. If I put everything I loved to in my tagline it would be a long tagline. That’s why I chose this title and tagline.

Fundamentals Of Blogging: Day 1 – Who I Am And Why I’m Here


Who I Am?

My name is Crystal Stewart and I’m from a very small town in Pennsylvania. I live way out in the country. So far out you’re through my town in a blink of an eye plus we have all kinds of animals visit us.

Why I’m here?

I’m here because I started blogging in January of 2017. My first site was WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) and after blogging for 3 or 4 months, I had so much fun, I thought I would start a picture site since I like to take pictures. As it turns out, it’s been fun to do.

My  picture site is called CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE . I have had fun with this site and would like to get a better theme for this site but all the picture themes seem to technical to understand.I’m also here because I want to get a better understanding of blogging. I hope to learn lots from taking the fundamentals of blogging.

Why am I blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary/journal?

Honestly, I do both. My diary/journal is short so I blog too.

What topics do I think I’ll write about ?

Anything that interests me and on my picture site, mostly pictures.

Who would you like to connect with via my blog?

I’ve had fun meeting people all over the world. People who like blogging as much as I do. Also, I want people to meet people who understand that even though I know my computer a little bit, I’m not up on the technical stuff and may need extra help and time.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to accomplish a high quality blog with quality content for both of my sites and sites that will interest people and they’ll want to come back. Also, I want to get more traffic to my sites especially for CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE, If I’m fortunate, I want to get lots of follows, likes, shares and reblogs. I know that will come in time. My main goals are to have high quality content, high quality blog and to find the right theme for my blogs. I think I’ve done that for one site but not for CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE. I want something for pictures and blogging.

Suggestion To All Bloggers, Want To Be Bloggers And People Who Want To Blog Professionally:

Finally, I want to give a suggestion to those Beginner Bloggers, Want To Be Bloggers and People who will soon blogging professionally please if you really want to blog don’t do what I did and wait 6 or 7 months after you started blogging. Take blogging courses before you start blogging. True I’m still a beginner with both of my blogs but I still needed the courses.