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Above is a slide show I’ve put together of the Memorial Day Evening 2017 Rainbow and Before and After Pictures of the trees down to the shed to the trees being cut down because they were in a dangerous position. I hope you enjoy the Slide show.

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but my family and I have been dealing with an unexpected emergency. Let me explain. On Memorial Day Afternoon after everyone had gone we sat down to watch the news about 4 PM Eastern Time. Within 5 minutes we heard a crash. Our Wild Cherry tree came down on our shed.

There was a group of 3 trees and the one tree came down on the shed and the other 2 trees got stuck in our 2 pine trees which put the trees in a dangerous position.  The fire department put caution tape around the trees and the area where it was dangerous.   🙂🙂 I’m happy to say the 3 Wild Cherry trees are down.🙂

Project number 2 is cleaning out the shed so we can tear it down.  🙂I’m happy to say this is done.🙂

Project number 3 is getting the 2 Pine Trees cut down that the then buy a new shed and it get it built and get everything in it.  🙂I’m happy to say the 2 Pine Trees are finally cut down.🙂

Project number 4 is buying a new shed and getting it built and put in its place.

Then on Father’s Day what happens, a branch brought a power line down behind the neighbor’s garage. The next thing we know there is a big bright orange ball were seeing and that was from the transformer blowing. So no electricity until early afternoon.

When we get a new shed, I will share the pictures with you.

I’m happy to say Dad now has a new shed and I added those pictures to the slide show.

😎😎I’m happy to be back photo-blogging.😎😎