The book I’m impatiently waiting for is probably the hush, hush saga boxed set and hush, hush, hush saga paperback by Becca Fitzpatrick. I hope to add these books to my library soon. If you remember, I just recently discovered her books. There are many others but her books are page turners.

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A Recent Discovery

Thanks to my youngest niece who let me borrow some books to read I discovered new authors. I even recently discovered a new author. Who is this wonderful author I want to add to my list of favorite authors? Her name is Becca Fitzpatrick. She is the author of many books. They can be found on Amazon. I suggest you check them out. To do just that go to the link Becca Fitzpatrick Books On Amazon

My new book discovery by Becca Fitzpatrick is her book Black Ice(Hardback Edition). I loved this book. I loved this book so much I didn’t want to put the book down. Depending on the length of a print book I’m usually done with a book within a week. With this book, I was done within 3 days. 

I don’t have any of her books in my library yet but plan on getting them. Black Ice is on my add to my library list. Guess what. Something to ask for at Christmas time I guess.

In conclusion, Rebecca Fitzpatrick isn’t the only recent author I discovered but I have discovered other authors too. I’m always open to reading new authors so if you’re an author good luck too you and I hope I find your books someday. Some other authors I discovered are: Ariella Cohen,  June Foster and many others. I find many of my authors through Amazon, Goodreads and websites. I’m not an author just a woman who likes to read and review books. 

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What Do You Prefer Ebooks Or Print?

Featured Image -- 8748Personally, I prefer a Print Book over an Ebook. Why? That’s actually pretty simple. It’s because I feel a Print Book is easier to read and it doesn’t take me as long to read Print Books. Depending on how many pages and how good the book is it normally takes me 3 days to 7 days.

What kind of Print Books do I read and/or like? My favorite Print Books are: Mystery/Suspense/Clean Romance/Christian/Animal/Inspirational/Crime and etc… I also like trying other genres of Print Books as well as other kinds of Print Books. 

Do I read Kindle Versions of books, Ebooks or PDF version of books? Yes I do. In fact, if I read a Kindle Version of a book and really like it I might get the Print Version of the book.

15742643What am I reading now? Well it’s out of my comfort zone. The book is called Kitchen Addiction!(Kindle Version) by Lizz Lund. Just started reading it last night(10-1-2018). This is Lizz Lund’s debut novel.

23257250What will I read next? That’s easy the next book in the series which is Christmas Bizarre by Lizz Lund. This is the Kindle Version too. 

Once I’ve finished book 1 and book 2, I hope to write reviews on each book. 

Do I recommend it? I have only started reading book 1 but yes I would recommend them.