Can you believe it? I just finished my fourth blogging course. It really feels great. I was looking to see what’s next and it’s on business. I think  for now I’ll skip that one and go on to Poetry. I won’t be taking that course right away though. I’m going to take a break. I’m getting ready to do another guest blog on Pets Overload. Once Again if you’d like to do a guest post on CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!


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Today is day 10/10 of my blogging course Branding And Growth and you know what that means.  This is my last blogging course and assignment for a while. YIPEE!!


Today’s task is that  I’m to do an SEO audit on my blog. I’m also to pick one thing to fix or work on today.


  • I updated my WordPress profile.
  • I worked on tags not relevant to my post. To Many Tags according to WordPress can make seem like a spammer even though you aren’t.


  • Consider Key Words – You’ll want to make sure you brainstorm the most important keywords for your site and use them frequently in your tagline, posts and tags. For example, if you were a travel blogger your key words might include “travel”, “vacation”, “hotel”, the names of destination cities, and other related words such as “nomad” or “backpacking”.
  • Write A Descriptive Tagline – Even if your theme doesn’t display your tagline, search engines can see it. Make sure your tagline accurately describes what your blog is about. Your tagline is a great place for your most important keywords.
  • Ensure Your Profile Is Complete – Ensure your name, screen name, and most importantly your blog’s URL appears on your Profile links. This is especially important when you comment on other people’s blogs.
  • Put Yourself Out There – Make time to visit the reader, follow blogs your interested in and comment thoughtfully on other people’s blogs. Every time you comment on someone’s blog, you also leave your name and URL automatically ( provided your profile is complete). People are naturally curious about the awesome someone who left a thoughtful comment and they’ll follow the link back to your site to learn more about you.
  • Publish Regularly – Make sure that you’re offering new content frequently so that Google comes crawling to index your site.
  • Be Selective With Tags – Choose only the tags most relevant to your posts. Posts with too many tags can be viewed as spammy and those with a combination of 15 tags or more may not appear in the Reader(this I didn’t know). 




All of these tips, tools and links can help you with your blog. I learned a lot from this blogging course. Any suggestions or feedback please use comment section or contact form below.


Grow Your Audience With Guest Posters


Today is day 9 of 10 of my blogging course Branding And Growth. Today’s assignment sounds interesting and fun. Today we will be talking about how to Grow Your Audience With Guest Posters.


Find a Guest Poster. If appropriate, plan to publish guest posts on one another’s blog. Does this really work(Bring in new readers to your blog)? I must say it does work. I’ve had a guest post on Katzenworld, Pets Overload and the only had one blog that ever guest posted on my blog and that was The Recipe Hunter. 


I’m looking to find a guest blogger to post on my personal blog CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE. For those not familiar with this blog of mine it’s about Photos, Blogging, Animals, Family, Poetry And Much, Much More. I also hope to be a guest blogger on your blogs too. Another thing I would really like is to start a really good blogging friendship with everyone. I like meeting new people and making friends through blogging. So I hope to get some guest posts. If you are interested on my blog please use the Contact Form below. PLEASE NOTE: I MIGHT CONTACT SOME OF YOU BY E-MAIL OR BY YOUR CONTACT FORM ON YOUR PERSONAL BLOG.









Resurfacing & Sharing Content


Today is day 8 of my blogging course, Branding And Growth: Resurfacing And Sharing Content. Please be patient with me because I’m not so sure I understand what they’re asking but here it goes.


Today my task is to create a social media calendar that you’ll use to reshare older posts. In class we are told if we don’t know what to share here are some tips.

  • Share Your Top Posts.
  • Share Posts From Other Blogs You Enjoyed.
  • Share Relevant Links From Your Internet Reading.
  • Share Posts In Other Time Zones Other Than Yours And Those Next To You To Attract An International Audience.
  • Have You Written About A Topic That Became A News Item? Share It.
  • Share Your Least Popular Post.


So If you start seeing posts you thought you saw and/or read before it’s possible you may have. I’m not on the internet much so probably won’t see much from there. Also part of today’s task is to make a social calendar. If you don’t know how to make a social calendar here are the tips WordPress University gave.

  • Friday, April 15: Tweet My “Best Of” Page.
  • Monday, April 19: Tweet My Top Post From March.
  • Wednesday, April 20: Tweet My Top Post From Last Week.
  • Friday, April 22: Tweet My Post From Earlier This Week.
  • Monday, April 25: Tweet A Great Post I Found This Week.

This explains things a little better. I appreciate all the help trying to understand this.


  • You Can Keep Your Social Calendar In A Draft Post On Your Site.
  • Create A Calendar Using An App Such As Word For Windows Or Pages If You Use Mac.
  • Simplenote Is A Great App That Allows You To Take Notes From Anywhere (On Your Phone, Tablet And Laptop) So It’s Great For Capturing That Idea You Have For Your Social Media Calendar Whenever Inspiration Strikes.
  • If You Prefer The Analog Approach, Jot Down Your Calendar Using A Pen Or Pencil In A Notebook.


  • Buffer Is A Great Tool That Allows You To Schedule Posts On Social Media In Advance.
  • CoSchedule Is A WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Set Up A Sharing Schedule For Each Individual Post. Note That CoSchedule Works Only With Self-Hosted WordPress Sites.


I don’t know if some of you use a social calendar or not. However, according to WordPress it helps. If any of you have suggestions I will take them under consideration.


Visit The Neighbors

bloggingu-blue-logoToday is day 7 of my blogging course Branding And Growth: Visit The Neighbors.


I am to visit 3 new blogs and leave an encouraging comment on each one to get them to visit my blogs. I’m to find new blogs through the Discover and Recommendation buttons/links.


  1. BBeautiful Blog – Drea Taylor – Visited through the tag #bloggingbranding.
  2. Flow Art Station – Visited through WordPress Reader.
  3. Poethead – Visited through WordPress Reader – Also Followed This Blog.
  4.– I Visited This Blog Through A Link. They Followed My Blog, CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE .  Also Followed This Blog.

Dig Deep Into A Social Network


Today is day 6 of my blogging course Branding and Growth: Dig Deep into a Social Network.

Today’s Task:

Pick a social network you’ll use to grow your blog, and outline a plan for how you’ll use it.

Network I Picked:

The social network I picked was LinkedIn. I do share on Google+ but use LinkedIn more. I am connected to have my posts shared to my connections On LinkedIn and on Google+ I can only share to my profile and comment. LinkedIn is my best bet. I’ve added sharing buttons so everyone has the opportunity to share my posts.


Make the Most of Your Archives


Wahoo!! Today is day 5 of my blogging course Branding And Growth: Make the Most of Your Archives which means I’m 1/2 way done. Yeah!!🙂🙂🤗🤗


Integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content, like a widget, list of related posts, or a “Best of” page.  A few ways this can be done is:

  • A go-to page compiling your best posts is the simplest way to get readers to older content (or add some links to your About page).
  • When writing new posts, refer to past pieces with well placed links. Readers are always engaged with your post, so so pointing them to other content draws them deeper into your blog.
  • The Related Posts Feature automatically adds links to other posts your readers might like at the bottom of each post.
  • Widgets like Top Posts and Pages, Categories, and Archive Widgets Add a variety of navigation to your sidebar(mine is in the footer).

What I Did:

I put some links across the header at the top of my page. The links are: Home, A Sample Of Crystal’s Photo-Blogging, About And Contact Page. I also have in my footer Top Posts And Pages, Archives: Top Archive Posts and I even have a calendar entitled Crystal’s Calendar. Personally I think I did pretty good. I would love to hear what you think and please do read some older posts. 


Give ‘EM What They Want

bloggingu-blue-logoToday is day 4 of my blogging course Branding And Growth: Give ‘Em What They Want and I am to do live with the design I have for today and take a step back and focus on my content.


Do a basic stats analysis and create an editorial calendar. Also, I am to browse my stats page and ask myself the following questions. Please Note that my answers are in Italics.

  • What are your most viewed posts? Topics? Your top posts by number of likes? Sadly today I have only have 1 post that was viewed twice and that was Get Read All Over, In the last week(up to March 5, 2018) I have I have 71 views and my top posts are: ENCOURAGEMENT, Setting Goals, AUDIT YOUR BRAND, Get Read All Over and Photo-Bomb(Deer Style):Wordless Wednesday.That’s for the week From the looks of it my readers like reading Encouraging posts and informative posts.
  • Which topics have the most comments?Encouraging posts.
  • Are there posts or topics you are surprised are popular? Yes. I think it’s because the posts are positive, encouraging and informative.
  • Which times and days of the week bring the most traffic? This question I’m not sure of the answer but my guess is midday to evening.
  • Making an editorial calendar? I’m confused here. I schedule a lot of posts so that’s going to be my editorial calendar. What do you think.

Get Read All Over

bloggingu-blue-logoToday is day 3 of my blogging course Branding And Growth: Get Read All Over.  What does this mean? It means I have to think back to my blogging goals I made and then work on today’s task.

Today’s task is that I have to make sure my site is mobile-friendly, and familiarize myself with the features of a responsive design. The links to see the responsive themes are: Responsive Themes (ALL)Responsive Themes (FREE) and Responsive Themes (PREMIUM). Is my theme responsive? Probably not since it is a retired theme. The one theme I’m looking at is a responsive theme so I might change to that. Please give me your feedback on how my blog looks on a mobile phone, I Pad or computer. Please use the contact form to give me theme suggestions from Responsive themes that are free.  Thanks In Advance Everyone.



bloggingu-blue-logoToday is day 2 of my blogging course Branding And Growth: Audit Your Brand. Today I’m to look at all the ways my blog communicates to visitors to make sure it’s consistent and focused. My blog Title and Tag line should tell my visitors what my blog is about. I just have to explore themes, widgets, headers and etc… What I would like you as visitors and followers to do is let me know your thoughts and suggestions especially for themes and headers. Thanks In Advance. I’ve put a contact form for everyone to use. Thanks Again.

Setting Goals

bloggingu-blue-logoWelcome everyone. I haven’t taken a blogging course in a while so I decided to take a 10 day course in Branding And Growth: Day One – Set Three Specific Goals. I will be keeping everyone up to date on what I’m doing and learning in my 10 day blogging course.

I blog to meet new people, friends and just to have fun. If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams it would have a lot of followers, likes and the perfect theme.


  1. To Have 200 Followers By January 2, 2019.
  2. To Get 100 Likes By the January, 2019.
  3. To Find A Theme That Is More Updated Than The One I Have By January 2, 2019.