“Hey…the bird feeder’s empty! What did you do, oversleep or something?”

Hello Everyone, my name is Crystal Stewart and I would like to welcome you to my site CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE . I also have two other blogging sites and they are: WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING)TIGGER AND FRIENDS and TABBY CAT CLUB . My goal for this site is to meet new friends.

I’m also a country girl and just love it. I don’t live on a farm just way out in the country. By living out in the country, I have the opportunity to see all kinds of different animals. Some of the animals I’ve seen are: Bear, Squirrels, Raccoons, Wild Turkey, Fishers, Different kinds of Birds and many other animals too. I’ve seen some beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets too.


The rural town where I live is in Pennsylvania and is so small you are through it in a blink of an eye. It’s a fantastic experience living way out in the country because it’s so pretty and the animals you see are just incredible. Living out in the country is not just fun but it takes work too. I have lived way out in the country all my life.

I love Cats, Dogs and other animals too. I like listening to the Oldies, Country and Gospel Music. I also like read a lot and review paperback/print books and every now and then I cross-stitch too. I have an indoor Cat named Daisy Mae and she is a joy and a blessing. We have so much fun together.

I got my Cat Daisy Mae’s picture and story published in the Daily Kitten. I also have it published on my other site WELCOME TO CRYSTAL’S SITE(ORIGINALLY COUNTRY LIVING) . It is also on LinkedIn. Also, It’s been on Bloglovin’ and Tummy Rub Tuesday from Katzenworld. I hope you take the time to read it and like it enough to share it. I am blessed to have been asked to be a Guest Author(Contributor) for The Recipe Hunter.

Before I got Daisy Mae, I rescued a Grey Striped Tabby Cat from a very bad Kittyhood. I got her as a Senior Cat. Her name was Tigger and she passed away on 9-11-2015.


My faith in the Lord has led me through the good times and the hard times. I have been blessed thankfully with more good times than hard times. 

Every now and then, I’ll reblog an article but my site will be mostly pictures but not strictly pictures. I will also have other stuff on my site but you’ll never find a swear word or anything political. 

So when will I post? Well with life situations, Covid19 Global pandemic, I’m finding I’m not able to post as often so I’ll just post when I can.

I do hope you all will take this blogging journey with me and Thank You to those who already have.

Thank You Very Much My Wonderful Readers.