Blog the Change For Animals (#BtC4A)


Hello and welcome, DAISY MAE AND I sure hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I am joining 15andmeowing (pilch920) in blogging for the animals. I’m joining this cause because I believe this is a very worthy cause.


Blog the Change for Animals(#BtC4A) is a chance for bloggers to write about an animal cause.


This was a tough decision because there are so many things I could write about but I chose ANIMAL CRUELTY AND/OR ANIMAL ABUSE.

Sadly, we are seeing more and more Animal abuse and Animal Cruelty today. When I watch the news it seems there is at least one case of animal abuse/animal cruelty and I think what if someone did that to their animals. Sometimes the cases are so bad the owner is the one that was the cause of abuse and/or cruelty. In fact, just the other day their was a case of animal abuse and animal cruelty all in one. Let me explain, Animal control was called to this house and when they got there the animal control agents were shocked at what they found. The owner had several pets and he became so overwhelmed and was too proud to ask for help that every one of his pets were found dead. What a sad situation. He is being charged. Every time I see commercials from different organizations on animal cruelty and animal abuse it makes me sick and very sad what people can do. I just can’t watch these commercials. As long as Animal Abuse and Animal cruelty are still happening these commercials are needed. So if you see someone abusing or being cruel to animals please report it ASAP. Don’t wait.



If you have a pet or pets please make them part of your family and love them with unconditional love. If you find your having trouble taking care of your pet or pets, please don’t to be too proud to ask for help. Remember, all animals deserve a forever family that loves them unconditionally and can take good care of them.





Don’t Abuse Or Neglect Animals

When we go to the zoo we go for entertainment not education but think of what we could learn from the animals at the zoo. Animals are great teachers. They can teach us a lot. What can animals teach us you ask? In my opinion, animals can teach us a lot. Animals can teach us how to:

  1. Take care of our kids.
  2. How animals and people should be treated.
  3. Animals gestures teach us not to take things for granted.
  4. Animals teach us they are not dumb.

These are only a few things animals teach us, so pay attention to the lesson there trying to teach us.

I mentioned animals can teach us a lot and taking care of their babies is one thing they excel at. Very rarely does an animal reject its baby. Animals are usually pretty loving to their babies and takes care of them very well.

Yes, I feel animals can teach us how they should be treated as well as people just by their expressions and gestures.

Animals have different expressions and gestures but be very careful because a caged up animal can turn on you at any second because their not tame. This teaches not to take animals for granted.

Animals aren’t dumb not by a long shot. In my opinion, a lot of animals are smarter than some people. Yes, we’ve all met animals and we’ve all met people. The verdict is usually the same. Animals come out smarter most of the time.

Please Don’t Abuse Or Neglect Animals!

Some animals are to be loving and stress-free pets. Other animals live in the wild. Either way, Don’t abuse or neglect them!


I’m including some links for abused and neglected animals if you want to  read further.

Animal Abuse and Neglect:Humane Society of the…Animal Neglect Facts: Animal Defense FundUnderstanding the Link Between Animal Abuse and Family and if you want to choose your link, you can go to Animal Abuse and Neglect(

Article By: Crystal Stewart

Photo Credit for Kentucky Zoo Pictures: Eyth Family

Photo Credit for Bobcat Picture: Sedon Family

Photo Credit for Baby Ducky Picture: Eyth Family

Photo Credit for Bear Picture: Moultrie Game Camera

Photo Credit for both Cat Pictures: Crystal Stewart