Winter’s Mother 1 By L. Starla: Print Book Review

Goodreads/Author’s NoteThis is the third of six main books in the Winter’s Magic Series. It is advisable to start with Winter’s Maiden 1.

Goodreads/Author’s WarningThis book contains coarse language, adultery in a crumbling marriage, and explicit scenes, including steamy m/f/f romance, that may upset or offend some readers. It also ends on a cliffhanger , with the sequel launching in May 2023.

have been reviewing print books for L. Starla for a while now but for some reason when I read her books, I find the plots intriguing, action packed, wondering if it could happen in real life and sometimes I find my answer is a resounding YES. Yes I analyze the book while I use it as a vacation and escape for myself from daily life that sometimes is overwhelming and quite stressful. I’m thrilled to review the author’s books and her series.

As said in the previous paragraph, the plots with Brendan, Alannah and now their Daughter Neve and the secondary characters are just extraordinary and please don’t judge me to harshly but I enjoyed reading the book.

I recommend this book to anyone that is 18 or over and parents, grandparents or legal guardian if you aren’t sure if you want your child reading this book well then you read the book first and then decide for yourself.