Collision: The Good Girl And The Mean Girl Completed & A Sequel Started…

did itI completed another book and this book is book #3 entitled Collision: The Good Girl And The Mean Girl and still deciding on a title for the Sequel which is going to be a murder/mystery/romance. I can’t believe that I finished 3 books in the year of 2022 and started a Sequel. Right now my title for the Sequel is: Princesses, Princes Their Cowgirls Cowboys MurderThe Sequel. Although the Sequel is still in the planning stages I am writing it as I see fit and as the words come to me. 

From what I have researched, a sequel is supposed to be shorter than the book you just finished writing. Actually they suggest 300-800 words. I laugh at this mostly because when I write, I write a lot of words and being short is not in my nature if you know what I mean LOL… I guess we’ll see what happens. 

12 thoughts on “Collision: The Good Girl And The Mean Girl Completed & A Sequel Started…

    1. No they’re not but I tell you what, since I’m writing the Sequel now if you really want to read them at least the first three and tell me what you think, I can send them to you by email just send me your email or better yet use a contact form from one of my posts. Wish I was published.

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  1. Let the story dictate the length. And if your fans love it, then you are good to go/carry on. Congratulations on the 3rd book. That is super cool and productive! Wow, that is a long title, though the mix of cowgirls and princesses does sound interesting. Plus, a murder to boot! What’s not to like.

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