Book 2: The Miracle Of True Love Finally Completed

Double accomplishment and I can’t believe I did it but I did, you see not only have I completed one book in 2022 but two and started a third. Book 1 which is entitled When Love, Murder & Rejection Collide. Book 2 is entitled The Miracle Of True Love Finally Hits The Bulls Eye. I can’t tell you how happy and thrilled I am of these two accomplishments now to figure out a title for book three. I have several title possibilities but the one I’m leaning towards is Power VS. Love… Which One Wins Out? What do you think.

When I was writing Book 2, I had a pretty good idea what type of book I wanted it to be but guess what Yepers that is right my characters took over and they had other ideas so Book 2 ended up steamier and hotter than I’d planned but I kept the swearing out of it. Also you all should know, I had fun no a blast writing Book 2 this way. 

I need some help with a title for Book 3 and any suggestions put in the comments. Below is a little about the book.

I would like the book to be about a power hungry bully who tries to split up the main two characters who are Queen Diann and King Sphen, Queen Diann has always been Royalty but King Sphen well… he is a poor old Ranch Hand that was in Queen Diann’s Senior Class helped the head bully bully Queen Diann but since then Queen Diann has forgiven him and they by chance see one another again and he realizes he’s always been in love with her but this doesn’t sit well the power hungry bully who does everything in her power to split them up including spreading lies and lying to Queen Diann’s husband about her where about, what she’s been doing and her past.

Please give me ideas. Thanks.



7 thoughts on “Book 2: The Miracle Of True Love Finally Completed

  1. Concatulationss Miss Crystal on finishin Book 2. You are reelly amazin!
    Mee has a funny title fore you: “Queenss an Kingss Allwayss Win”
    It iss not a grate title ….butt it iss sorta cute.
    BellaSita Mum likess “Power VS. Love: Which One Winss Out?” iss purrty kewl title!
    What does Daisy Mae think? 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita Mum

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    1. We like both of your titles and even think they’re great but the ones I came up with had to do with Power so so far BellaSita Mum wins out sorry BellaDharma. However, if you think of anymore let me know please. Daisy Mae being a Cat liked your title better BellaDharma.

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      1. Thanks. Also considered these titles: The Timeless Treasures Of Love Over Power, Power VS Love and Transfer Of Power those are my titles I’ve come up with, What do you think?


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