When Love, Murder & Rejection Collide Book 1 Finally Completed!!

did it I really did it, I finally completed my first book done with all my characters in which I entitled When Love, Murder, & Rejection Collide!! As you can tell from the title, Book one is about Love, Murder, & Rejection Collide. Now a little bit about about Book 2 in which I just started writing. Book 2 is entitled The Miracle Of True Love Finally Hits The Bulls Eye!! Book 2 is more of a Romance story. These two books have been really fun to write yet at the same time healing. You see my ideas for these two books are based on my experiences dealing with bullies in my past although I don’t use their real names, I put the book as fiction and finally of how I wish things could of turned out. I Added murder, love & rejection and I got a pretty decent book or at least I think so. If you ever read or even written a book then be honest with me and yourself, ever fallen in love with that bad boy that deep down, he doesn’t turn out so bad but the girl is still pretty leary of him? I have. I’ve fallen for my bad boy Sphen and fallen hard. I finished When Love, Murder, & Rejection Collide at 51,196 words and yes it ends in a cliffhanger sort of… 

Maybe my dream of getting published might come true after all. I’ve accomplished the writing step and become an author. I may be an unpublished author but I’m an author none the less. Accomplishing writing my first book and first real box set. Am I happy— YOU BET I’M HAPPY!! I’m so happy I’ve been doing a continuous happy dance lol.

15 thoughts on “When Love, Murder & Rejection Collide Book 1 Finally Completed!!

  1. Congrats! Now turn that dream into a reality by self publishing. It’s free and easy to do via Amazon for eBooks and paperbacks. Millions of readers will see it on there once published. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 79. Pinned.

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  2. HURRAH!!!!! Well dun Miss Crystal!!!!
    Wee so happy you finished yore ferst book~~that ISS a BIG accomplishmint!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    Crystal I am so impressed! You did it!! Congratulations!
    I wish you EVERY success my friend!
    {{{hugss}}} Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Sistur

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  3. Congratulations! This is a major major step. Self publishing is a very real proposition for modern writers. Many BIG names in romance etc have self published using KDP. KDP has some really interesting free articles on their website. They do live webinars too with KDP authors/success stories.
    Keep on going now you have started, and live the dream. Whilst you are writing send out your query letters to agents. Who knows, this time next year you may be so big blogging will be a thing of the past! 🙂
    Purrs and best wishes,
    ERin & Mrs H

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