Getting A New Pet, Introducing Your Pet To Your Other Pets And Avoiding The Pitfalls…


First Offwhen you’re thinking about bringing another pet into your family, there are several important suggestions/pointers I have about doing that. So what are they you ask? Below are a few I have and you may be able to think of some others too. Now on to those pointers/suggestions.

Point #1Always consider where you’re living – Are you in an apartment, Pet friendly apartment or a house?

Point #2When you think you’ve made a decision but you have a family, always take your idea to the family. In other words, call a family meeting and tell them what you want to do then talk it over as a family and let the children know that their ideas will be considered.

Point #3When you’re decision has been made to get a pet, now the next part you want to talk with the family is what kind of pet do you want? Do you want a Cat, A Dog, A Bunny, A Feathered, etc… Whatever pet you decide on, you have to decide on a small, medium or large, make sure you’ll be able to:

ayou’ll have enough time to care of your new pet.

b. make sure you can take care of a new pet.

c. make sure you can afford a new pet. Pets are and can be expensive.

dAlways make sure your new pet has room to exercise and play.

eAlways make sure your all your pets have lots of love.

Point #4 & 5Once you decided on what type of pet you want: Cat, Dog, etc…, now it’s time to go to local rescue/adoption shelter for pets. Most shelters have animals that make great pets. Howeverbe very, very careful of those places that bring animals into malls and places like that. Ask plenty of questions like you would at a shelter. If the people can’t answer your questions and you know more about taking care of that pet than they do then walk away. Don’t get yourself into a situation where it ends in a catastrophe. Let me give you an example that actually happened to my family and I. We had just lost one cat and my family and I had finally decided to get another Cat. The only thing was, we decided we wanted a Kitten not a full grown Cat. Well being at the mall practically daily since I worked at a store in the mall I would walk down, there were animals that could be adopted. We adopted a kitten. Watch out for red flags. Examples of red flags are:                                                       aYou know more than the people trying to get you to adopt the animals.                                             b. When the people argue with you and don’t listen to you.                                                                   c.   If they try to act like they know more than what they do it’s time to walk away.                               d.   Another red flag is when the person tells you if the Cat dies within a week to let them know. Just to let you all know my family encountered this situation and sadly the cat we adopted only lived a week. She was to young to be flea dipped and we tried to tell the people she was to young they didn’t listen. I named her Cutie Pie. Cutie Pie only lived a week before earning her wings and flying to the Rainbow Bridge  and beyond. This was quite some time ago but ended tragically.

So the moral is when you decide to get a pet, always start by making it a family decision & include the children, start by looking at a reputable animal shelter, always prepare for extra bills with your pets, Always look for red flags (hints that the people or animal isn’t reputable, always listen to that gut feeling that says something isn’t right because walking away is better than losing a pet in a weeks time (trust me I know) & if it seems to be good to be true it probably is.

Daisy Mae And I, we say always adopt and/or rescue a pet first but some would say getting a pet from a breeder is like rescuing a pet because the pets are not used like the breeder wants them to be they have become part of someone’s forever family.





13 thoughts on “Getting A New Pet, Introducing Your Pet To Your Other Pets And Avoiding The Pitfalls…

  1. Daisy Mae has a nice big comfy blanket to sleep on I see. I have noticed WordPress putting a sponsored ad about toenail fungus on most peoples “free” WP blog including yours and mine. No one is going to click on that. They just want more money don’t you think? Have a good 4th of July today as I write this Crystal Daisy Mae and family.

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  2. Mee-yow what a good post Miss Crystal….
    Wee so furry sorry that you lost Cutie Pie aftur only a week. That was so unfair on you an yore furamillee an on little Cutie Pie.
    Thanxfullee mee nevurr has to wurry ’bout any new kitty showin up; mee iss an ONLY Kitty Girl…that keepss BellaSita Mum inn line 😉
    Hope you are doin guud Daisy Mae…..
    Iss so *hot* an hue-mid here, wee are stayinn innside……how iss it where youss are??
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaStia Mum

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    1. It was unfair but then life isn’t fair.
      Daisy Mae doing good but she is hot and sleeps a lot and tries to stay cool.
      BellaDharma, so glad you’re doing better and you keep Bellasita Mum doing good too.
      Purrs, lots of treats & toys,
      Crystal & Daisy Mae

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  3. Great post. A lot of thought does need to go into adopting a pet. I wish more people realized that so there wouldn’t be so many abandoned ones. XO

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