Here is Queen Daisy Mae sleeping on her royal throne with a Tigger Tabby Cat pillow behind her and she is sleeping among he animal friends. Of Course being a very smart Kitty Cat and always on watch one way or another with one eye open and on her head. Daisy Mae feels like royalty not only when she is on her throne but all the time.



  1. Mee-yow what a lovelee throne Daisy Mae! Mee meowed to BellaSita Mum fore a throne like this butt wee have no room. So THE Chair iss now mee THRONE!
    That werkss fore mee!!! 😉
    Miss Crystal wee not know you are unwell. What is wrong?? Mee iss sendin POTP to you to get well soon!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an *purrayerss* BellaSita Mum

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    1. We are so glad you have a throne BellaDharma.
      What’s wrong with me? Good question. It all started Dec. 13, 2021 after my second COVID shot. M-E-O-W that didn’t go well because I’ve been sick ever since. After 2 months of thinking it would go away on its own, I went to my new PCP doctor. He gave me antibiotics but that didn’t work so I’m at a loss what it is. Maybe my doctor was right when he said it just needs to run its course. Of course he also said, he is seeing a lot of people with the same reaction and they become sick and symptomatic after their second shot.
      Thanks for the POTP, I need them.

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      1. Miss Crystal this iss terribell mewss! Wee are so sorry you are still not well..sumthin inn vaccine does not agree with you!!
        What Bellasita Mum found out from Ree-search iss that Peepell who gotted sick aftur 2nd shot had Covid inn their system an tHE Vye-russ an Vaccien are fightin….
        Maybee that iss what happened to you? Or there iss sumthin inn Vaccien yor are allergick to?
        Wee had 2 more vaccienss approved inn Catnada an they both have nasty stuff inn them, so BellaSita iss still unvaxxed an stayin home alot!
        Mee sendss MORE POTP an BellaSita will continue to purray fore you to get well soon ❤ ❤

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      2. U R so right, something doesn’t agree with me. My new doctor even said that he has seen a lot of patients after having 2nd shot with my symptoms. He seems to think it’s some sort of virus and just needs to run its course.
        T’anks for de purrs and prayer I reely reely need them

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