The Death Of An Apple: A Poem

The Death Of An Apple

Now my apple brother and sisters, we are once again

stuck on this tree again this Summer and

when there gets to be a good crop of us

Mr. Tree decides to bend so low we can

touch the ground so that Humans can

pick us then eat us so they don’t have to

go to the doctor or so they say.

Although hanging around all day on this

tree with you all can be fun, I

sure would like to be down off this

tree and trying out new homes and trying

to stay out of people’s mouths.

Can’t you see it now my apple brothers and

sisters, us apples exploring homes and

getting to know the people that live

there before we well…bite the dust

as the humans say.

So before you say pick me to a Human,

Think do I want to get eaten or

just hang around with my apple brothers

and sisters and get wormy and rotten?

Actually my apple brothers and sisters, if

you think about it either way is a

death sentence to us apples so the

choice is really do you want a

slow death or a fast death?



14 thoughts on “The Death Of An Apple: A Poem

  1. Interesting take on the prompt. This reminds me of something. Some people think it’s cruel to eat animals as they have a heart and can feel pain. Others say that plants and trees have feelings too. I have an aunt who constantly talks to her flowers. They grow like crazy! There have been studies about why this helps. I guess it’s up to us to believe. Thanks so much for linking up at the Wednesday Writing Prompt 9. Shared on Fb, Pn, and Tw.

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