I Did It, I Got My First Vaccine Shot!!

I finally did it, I went and my first vaccine shot. I got the Pfizer one after a lot of thought and careful consideration of which one is the best. The thing is, I didn’t get Pfizer because it’s better but because Pfizer didn’t have as much trouble. I heard and saw things that happened with each one because each one has problems. The question was which one is the better bet. I made a judgement call and hope it works out.  My second shot is supposed to be on Dec. 13. I look forward to getting my second shot and I’m unsure about whether or not I’m getting the booster or not. However, the Pfizer booster shot is supposed to help get rid of the Omicron Variant of COVID.



16 thoughts on “I Did It, I Got My First Vaccine Shot!!

  1. MRNA vaccines. Though used for rabies and cancer, from what I read, results are uncertain and not predictable. This covid vaccine is the first ever population-wide, and we have far less data than other vaccines done the traditional way (1 year versus 10-12 for other vaccines.). I always encourage people to research, observe, and never respond to political or societal pressures.

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  2. Research this: highest vaccinated states have the most covid patients, and increases. This being an MRNA vaccine, which has never before been used population-wide, so little population-wide research, might be increasing the virus and more people are getting. You can easily look this up.

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  3. I know this is a bit late, but I think that was a reasoned choice, especially how things are developing with Omicron. I had two Astra jabs. The Pfizer was used as the third/booster. Mixing the two together gives, they say, better immunity, which does make sense. I had no reaction to the two Astra, and only mild four hour long mini hot flush after the Pfizer. Glad I did have booster as the protection gets less after a few months interval. Omicron is so much more contagious than the others, though what the death rate is like, we havent heard yet. We hope you and yours keep well.
    ERin & Mrs H

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    1. Thanks. Now to get the booster in June. The only reactions I had was a very sore and tingly arm & then I got headaches still do. sneezing, coughing, etc… I feel better now UI have the vaccine.

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    1. That’s great you got your booster. Dad and I go for our second shot on Mon. Dec. 13.
      Is the the booster worth getting? I’m debating to get since I have natural immunity and will soon have my second shot. What are your thoughts?


  4. Congrats Crystal on making a educated decision on Vaccines! I am still waiting for Medicago to have their plant based vaccine approved….I only go out when necessary, masked & with sanitizer! I’ve managed to stay well since the beginning of Covid (touch wood)
    {{{hugs}}} BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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    1. I was never against the vaccine not really. I was just leary because of the quickness and needed to do my own research and wanted to wait awhile before I got it then on April 22 when I originally was to get it was when Dad and was diagnosed with COVID so I have natural immunity. Glad you got a booster


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