Kandy: The Paneling Experience

Growing up, I always had some sort of pet for as long as I can remember from Chameleons to Cats. Today I want to tell you about a dog I used to have and her name was Kandy. Kandy was a German Shepherd/Husky mix. We got her as puppy dog. Since she was part German Shepherd/Husky we knew she would be a “runner” and we were right. I don’t know how many times she got away from us all because she was stronger and faster than my family and I.

We hadn’t had problems with her chewing until one evening my family and I came home to a gaping hole in the wall that shouldn’t be there. Let me try to explain. Our house was 100+ years old at that time and some of our walls had paneling. Our jaws almost dropped to the floor in disbelief at what we were looking at. So off to to the vet we go with Kandy to make sure she was OK and didn’t ingest anything she shouldn’t have or anything dangerous. We were fortunate that everything was OK with Kandy. Our vet did give us a tip to curb chewing in Dogs. The tip our vet gave us and you’re more than welcome to use is: Give your Dog(s) a Pine Log to curb their chewing. She also told us a Pine Log is healthy for your Dog(s). Let me tell you we tried this tip and it really worked. The hole is fixed and can’t tell where it was.

A picture of Kandy as a puppy is below.




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4 thoughts on “Kandy: The Paneling Experience

  1. Mee-yow wow Kandy was beeuteefull an furry notty! LadyMew had a Shepherd/Husky named Bogart Sam an hee was a paw full an a ‘runner’ too!
    One nite LadyMew an hubby went out to due a Police call an tow a wrecked car to their year. They did their job an gotted a coffee an went home. They walked innto their house an there was a hold inn hallway wall an they cuud see rite innto bedroom closet! FUR REEL! An guess who was curled up inn closet nappin?? Bogart Sam! Now the house was an old wartiem house an THE wallss were more cardboard than ackshual wall material.
    They did not know ’bout Pine Logss…so they tooked Bogart Sam out on efurry Tow Truck call with them!! (Smart poochie! Hee gotted to go travellin an eatin doe-nutss!!)
    Thanx fore sharin yore lovely Kandy with us. Wee hope Kandy an Bogart Sam are together in Purr Land…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} LadyMew

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