Friendly Fill – Ins


Daisy Mae’s Answers

1. My favorite Christmas (or Hanukkah) gift is When I got my furrever and loving home( OK so it was September when I got my loving & furrever home but close enough).

2. This holiday season I will miss Mom Crystal’s fleece Tony Stewart blanket.

3. I would like Santa to bring me no the whole world a special gift for everyone including Mom Crystal and myself. Santa I really would like a new catnip pad to lay on that has the good catnip Hint, Hint.

4. You might find a gift from Secret Paw under my Christmas tree this year.

Crystal’s Answers

1. My favorite Christmas Cats are Angel Tigger and Daisy Mae.

2. This holiday season I will miss my big Santa and putting gifts under the tree.

3. I would like Santa to bring me the good news that COVID 19 has left completely and is never coming back.

4. You might find a Christmas bulb under my Christmas tree this year.





10 thoughts on “Friendly Fill – Ins

  1. Your blog is so festive, and I love it! And thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! We are sending you both lots of happy and merry wishes. Purrs!

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    1. First Thank You.
      I love doing friendly fill-ins and like to make it fun by putting Daisy Mae’s answers + mine.
      Merry Christmas/Happy New Year
      Daisy Mae & Crystal


    1. Thank You and right back at you. We’re meowing all the way.
      Just saw Santa actually and he let me take his picture. He came to my town and yes he was wearing his mask.


  2. Mom Crystal, we would love for your Christmas wish to come true, too. Daisy Mae, we can see why that was your favorite Hanukkah and Christmas gift … a forever loving home is the best.

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  3. My favorite Christmas gift was a Lionel Electric train set I received Christmas 1953. (I still have it all and it still works!) I will miss all the loved ones human and animals that have passed away over my lifetime. Wish Santa only brings health and happiness to my pets all year. Probably find a cat sleeping under the Christmas tree.

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    1. WOW a 1953 Lionel Electric train set. No wonder you love it and to boot it works. At one time Daisy would be under the Christmas tree but not now. I hope Santa brings health and happiness too.


  4. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins. great answers. I am glad you have a loving forever home Daisy Mae. This is going to be a tough Christmas for all. I sure hope your wishes come true. XO

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    1. Me too. I know this will be hard Christ mas for you but always remember Jinx will be with you no matter what.
      By the way, Mom Crystal wanted me to tell you she got your adorable cute Kitty Cat Christmas card today and loved it.
      May all your wishes come true my friend.
      Crystal And Daisy Mae


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