Cyber Monday 2020


Cyber Monday 2020 has come and is almost over. Some places like Amazon had Cyber Monday longer than just 1 day. How many of you were shopping all day? I usually don’t shop on Cyber Monday but this year I did. You see I got into this Christmas Program called Secret Paws well Daisy Mae did and I just get to spend the money[more about that in a later post]. I’ve had fun shopping on Amazon for the past few days and finally put my order in tonight. I can’t wait to hear about your Cyber Monday shopping adventures and things went. I know just when I thought I had my gifts and set to order Amazon, they said the items couldn’t be shipped to that address. Not one item so back to the drawing board. 



10 thoughts on “Cyber Monday 2020

    1. I love to shop too retrodee. When I worked at a department store for 18 years, I started Christmas shopping and shopped all year to literally. Now if I shop at all it’s mostly online but don’t shop online unless I have to LOL.

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  1. Well that is unfortunate. I wonder why they couldn’t be shipped there. I ordered one thing on cyber Monday, a sweater at Kohls for my mom. I am done except for some gift cards. XO

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    1. Sounds like your kind of like me, all my Christmas shopping is done except for writing checks and sending one gift.
      I wonder about Amazon and the products and where they come from if that’s problem. At least I was able to send the gifts I picked out the umpteenth time around.


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