Fall Is… A Poem From A-Z

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Fall Is… A Poem From A-Z

Fall is Acorns.

Fall is Baseball &

Bobbing for Apples.

Fall is Cats cuddling

By the register.

Fall is Dressing in Sweaters again.

Fall is Evening Asters blooming.

Fall is Falling Leaves & Football.

Fall is Geese going South.

Fall is Halloween & Hot Chocolate.

Fall is Indian Corn.

Fall is Jack-O-Lanterns.

Fall is Kids playing

In piles of leaves.

Fall is Lots & Lots of Reading.

Fall is Mulching Leaves.

Fall is NASCAR.

Fall is Orange Leaves

Blanketing the ground.

Fall is Packing School

Lunches again.

Fall is Quilts.

Fall is Raking Leaves.

Fall is School starting up again.

Fall is Thanksgiving,

Tent Worms & Tornadoes.

Fall is Umbrellas.

Fall is Vibrant, Vivid colors.

Fall is Wildlife

Changing their habits.

Fall is Xylophones playing in a band.

Fall is Yappy Dogs

Jumping in a pile of leaves.

Fall is Zucchini.


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