Friendly Fill-Ins

Hi Everyone Daisy Mae here, miss me? Of course you did, I know you like to read our posts our wonderful readers. Well this week, I’m taking over posting since Mom Crystal is still feeling under the weather. However, she will be giving her answers for Friendly Fill – Ins. As always our answers will be in italics and my answers will be in Blue italics and Mom Crystal’s answers will be in Purple italics.

Hope you Enjoy our Answers.



1. I feel like a rug that’s overstretched. 

2. I wish I could exchange my toys for more treats. Yummy, Yummy in the Tummy.

3. It’s time for me to take my nap but first I’m going to finish this post… I hope.

4. Sleeping a lot is really tempting these days.

Crystal’s Answers

1. I feel like a semi-truck just ran over me and I’m never going to recover.

2. I wish I could exchange my computer for a full refund.

3. It’s time for me to stop procrastinating and do the jobs I need to do.

4. Throwing my computer up against the wall is really tempting these days.



22 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins

  1. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Daisy Mae, the kitties here completely agree with your #4. Naps are the best thing in the world. Crystal, I’m with you on #3. I have so many jobs and goals I wish to accomplish, and sometimes I have to tell myself to just do them already. Well wishes!

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  2. it;s great to see a post from you again daisy and mom crystal; we are sorry mom has not
    been feeling well, and PC issues on top of that don’t help matters. the food serviss gurl says
    if someone said… here’s some cash, go get a new phone, she would do so it a minute and ENJOY taking a hammer to the old one ~~~~~ !!! 🙂 be safe, happy and healthy 🙂 ♥♥

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    1. Yeah thanks a bunch. You are so sweet. Mom Crystal is feeling better yet not 100%.
      Computer fixed for now. We here you when someone says here’s cash go get a new computer we would most likely accept. Our antivirus doing no good. Mom Crystal wants a new one that’s better MOL, LOL.
      Be Safe, Happy and Healthy friends,
      Daisy Mae And Crystal


  3. Mom would like to throw our computer and the smartphone in a lake! Tee hee hee. I sure hope your momma starts to feeling better, especially since the holidays are just around the corner. Purr purr purr.

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    1. Good news, Good news Valentine guess what? Mom feels better as long as she doesn’t take her medicine. Go figure. She finishes it tomorrow.Guess we’re in the same boat. Mom Crystal got computer fixed for now no guarantees sigh.
      By the way thanks for the follow.


  4. Deer Miss Crystal wee sorry you not feelin well. LadyMew sendss purrayerss to you! Shee told mee she wishess shee cuud get ree-fund for Laptop as it fallss apart an not even 2 yeerss old. An WerdPress wantss to go to Block Eddytur an LadyMew can not understand it at all….
    An shee iss sue-purr angry as NO call from ANY of her Dockturss!
    Deer Daisy Mae you feel a bit ruff too?? Iss it furry *hot* there? Mee sure hopess yore NOT neer THE forest firess!
    Mee thinkss alot of guud napss are inn order fore sure. An dubbell treetss all ’round!
    Pleese take care of yoreselfss an reememburr wee think of youss’ dailee an ❤ love ❤ you both!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too

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    1. Sweet Daisy Mae is feeling good just likes to sleep a lot since she is almost 14 years old. Me on the other hand, not sure what is wrong and I refuse to go to the doctor unless I have to.
      Thank LadyMew for the prayers.
      Haven’t got computer problems fixed. I have to wait ’til Monday to call email provider again.
      It’s not to hot or to cold here just comfortable but oh do we need the rain.

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    2. Mee-yow mee been sleepin more too Miss Crystal…iss *hot* again an iss bettur to just have a ‘happy nappy’ or 15!!!
      Youss’ need rain?? Oh noss’!! Mee an LadyMew hope you get it soon.
      LadyMew sayss to bee care full an if you feel too ucky pleese go to see yore Docktur OKay??
      LadyMew’ss (so-called) Docktur has NOT reeterned her fone calls. Shee not herd from Orhto Surgeon an shee had X-rayss a month ago…so much fore them ‘fast trackin’ her case! CATFISH!
      Tomorrow LadyMew has to call Lidocaine Docktur to make sure shee still has appointmint fore Fursday this week….
      An wee sorry Pee C still not fixed; neether iss ourss. LadyMew iss not sure where to take it…..
      At leest wee can keepss inn touch rite?
      **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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      1. We agree with you BellaDharma, better to have several nappy poos.
        Hey guess what? We got rain today—YEAH!!
        Sorry LadyMew hasn’t had her calls from Doctor returned. Sorry her case wasn’t fast tracked.
        Mom Crystal refuses to go to Doctor . She says they do her any good.
        Mom Crystal did write some last night and BellaDharma well you played your naughty kitty part to the tee. It was purrfect. Crystal has to think of a punishment for you . Tee Hee, Tee Hee

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  5. I am sorry Crystal is not feeling well. I hope she feels better soon. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. Sorry about the computer problems too. I did miss you Daisy Mae and Crystal too. XO

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