A Special Friday Fill – Ins

Hi everyone, this past week has well been hectic. But Daisy Mae and I had some visitors from the Rainbow Bridge. 3 of them to be exact—2 Cats and a Dog. You see the cats that visited was my Angel Tigger — My last Cat and her new friend Angel Abacus June cousin of BellaDharma & LadyMeow’ss Purrfect Pad(more about that in a separate post). Also, my Sister’s Dog Angel Maxi. They all wanted to help with Friday Fill – Ins this week so instead of every answering questions separately, we decided to put all the animals together and I’ll answer my group of questions. We hope you like our answers to Friendly Fill – Ins.

Angel Tigger, Angel Abacus June & Angel Maxi’s Answers

1. June is a good month to get married and make new friends.

2. I love to play with my Mommies, Daddy, Cousins and Friends.

3. I’m not ashamed to admit that  we like to take nice long naps daily.

4. I’d rather not go to the vets but my furever keeps telling me it’s for my own good YEAH RIGHT!!


1. June is a good month to get engaged, married and for Roses not that I would know anything about that.

2. I love to play with my adorable, cute and smart Kitty Cat Daisy Mae.

3. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m single, Love Cats, I’m an animal lover and have a very high dislike of Snakes and yell at the computer, the TV and the people on TV.

4. I’d rather not talk politics. However, I sometimes may make an exception if I know the other person or people have the same view I do. ENOUGH SAID!!!!








19 thoughts on “A Special Friday Fill – Ins

  1. Thank you all for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Your answers about weddings in June reminded me of a fact that one of my school teachers once told us. He said that a couple centuries ago people would most often take their yearly bath in June because that’s when the most weddings occurred, and they wanted to be clean for those events. That’s probably a strange fact to share here, but your answers brought back that memory from history class. Purrs!

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      1. So far Cookie iss settlin inn nicelee at Aunty an Unkell’ss. Cookie REELLY likess Aunty…an Aunty has hinted they are thinkin ‘of ‘dopting Cookie…..
        Let’ss keep our pawss crossed Okay Miss Crystal an Daisy Mae??

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  2. Mew mew mew what grate answerss ‘angelss’ Maxi an Tigger an Couzin Abacus June gave!! An how kewl Couzin Abacus June came to vissit youss’!
    An Miss crystal yore answerss were guud too. LadyMew was nevurr inn-to Pawlitickss butt shee has bin lissenin more an shee has her opinionss. Funny thing she admiress our Pee Em an hee iss not her ‘Party’ at all. An our Provincial Premier (like yore State Guy) iss not even close to her ‘Party’…so mee thinkss shee iss furry open-minded an seess each purrson fore THE guud they do…
    Thanx fore yore bloggie; it was lovelee!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too….

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    1. Tanks a lot. My Angel Tigger and your couzin Angel Abacus June have become bestees friends like us.
      I try to be open minded but… Anyhoo, we hate politiks too.
      I have the special poem I wrote planned fur Wednesday. Doing a special Pet Parade.

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      1. Wee are so glad wee are frendss with you both Daisy Mae an Miss Crystal…..wee are like one B-I-G furamillee an it iss lovelee.
        Wee are lookin forwerd to yore Wednesday post! An guess what? Aunty Maureen an Unkell Dalin are goin to meet a mew Tabby girl tomorrow who needss at leest a Foster home….mee thinkss Abacus June iss leedin them to their next kitty girl 😉

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      2. T’at means a lot tu us. I think Abacus June is leading them to and telling them it’s OK in her own way to get a mew Tabby girl. Surprised tho since it seems so soon but everyone’s different. My post is scheduled at 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time.
        Many purrs and nose rubs,
        Daisy Mae And Crystal


  3. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Daisy Mae, you need to go to the vet once in a while, but I know they will make it up to you with treats. I am the same way about politics. And religion. Have a nice weekend. XO

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    1. You are so Welcome. Daisy Mae hates the vets even more after her traumatic experience. One time just as we rounded the corner of reception desk and Daisy was in her carrier, what happens but her pet carrier collapsed on top of her. She hates riding in the car/vehicle too.
      You have a nice weekend too.


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