Thankful Thursday


Hi everyone, it’s me Queen Daisy Mae. I get to the post today although Mom Crystal is helping me and putting her 2 cents in. I’m thrilled I finally get to do another post. Mom Crystal is under the weather with her Sinus cold and allergies. They really bother her and that makes her sneeze a lot and I mean a lot.

What are we thankful for? OH there is so much we are thankful for. I’m thankful for my brand new Flea And Tick Collar that protects me, I’m thankful for my furrever family, I’m thankful for my My Mommies and Daddy. Mom says to tell you she’s thankful for ME, Her Family, All the front line workers, All the veterans and Active military workers, Friends, and all the Mothers.

Mom Crystal’s niece who works at a hospital in Olean, New York is getting an antibody test done today to find out if she ever had the bad Corona Virus. 

That’s All Friends. Stay Safe And Healthy.