14 thoughts on “Awww…Mondays

  1. Mew mew mew Snowball sure was fluffy Miss Crystal!! An Daisy Mae was so tiny back then! Ladymew meowed to mee shee missess Tony Stewart racin an fightin…shee said hee was a ‘reel live wire’ an you wuud know what shee meenss…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. OH sure do know what she means. We started watching NASCAR in 2001 the year Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in the NASCAR wreck. We picked Stewart because he had to be good with that last name. Hence that’s our last name too..
      Snowball was very fluffy and soft too.

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      1. Mee-yow how furry kewl Miss Crystal!! LadyMew has bin watch NASCAR most of her life. Her 1st faverite driver was Mistur Cale Yarborough. An then Mistur Richard Petty. An then Miss Dale Earnhardt Sr. LadyMew saw THE crash an to this day shee still getss weepy over Mistur Dale …
        Wee just watched a taped NASCAR race from 1994….it was purrty neet!

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      2. Remember Cale Yarbough, AJ. Foyt and other old timers too. Do you or LadyMew know why Tony Stewart picked the #14 car to drive? NASCAR is planned to come back live without fans May 17. I was working the day Dale Earnhardt Sr crashed and died but Mom and Dad saw the race. I only saw end. Have you watched any of those Iraces(the virtual kind)?

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      3. Hi Crystal; Sherri-Ellen here. BellaDharma fell asleep beside me!
        I remember all the old drivers from the beginning as I was about 10 yrs old when NASCAR came to TV.
        I am looking forward to May 17th race…I have been missing NASCAR alot. And the Iracing has been alot of fun & it has helped ‘fill the void’…
        I can still see dale Sr’s last race in my mind; it will never leave me I am sure…..

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      4. I bet that is Awww… moment BellaDharma falling asleep beside you.
        I remember them too well hearing about them too. I remember Buddy Baker, AJ. Foyt, Cale Yarborough. I have the dicast car/clock of Stacy Compton’s #14 car. I remember when they interviewed Tony Stewart and asked him why he chose the #14 car he said something like it was because his hero and idol’s number. That was A.J. Foyt his hero and idol. I look forward to NASCAR starting again.

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      5. OMG I forgot about Stacy Compton being in #14 b4 Tony was. A.J. Foyt was pretty cool too…I just always liked Cale for some reason…
        Old NASCAR sure was fantastick.
        I do not know alot of the new drivers…I have to study up for sure! 😉

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      6. It’s funny but I learned about Stacy Compton after the car was bought. I bought the dicast car/clock thinking it was one of Tony Stewart’s paint schemes on one of his cars.

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  2. You can hardly see Snowball, but I found Snowball. A huge Awww.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Daisy Mae. ♥

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      1. Same here. Go out for groceries every other week. If needed dad goes to a convenient store. We get our mail every other day. Wear masks, take wipes and use hand sanatizer. Doing everything we can.

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