Feline Friday & Happy Saturday








18 thoughts on “Feline Friday & Happy Saturday

  1. Sorry I hit wrong button…anyway Virus was in USA earlier than anyone knew. The symptoms you describe sound EXACTLY like Corona Virus! I am so sorry you were so sick! Is there a Hospital or Testing place you could go to to have a test to see if you DID have Corona?? I know there are places in Canada for this now.
    I do NOT have Corona Virus (as far as I can tell). I have been sick on & off for 3 months but apparently ‘not sick enough’ to be tested. I contacted our Provincial Premier (like your state Govenor) but only got a form email back.,,,I asked for permission to be tested as I am high risk but there are not enough test kits in my area!
    HURRAH for being a Grand Prize Winner! This is wonderful 🙂
    And I do not know price of Nord VPN…..Our prices in Canada different from USA.
    Stay safe my friend. {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen


    1. There are places but think I need doctor’s permission first. What symptoms do you have. Because I was sick from sometime in December through March. I’m high risk too. I have underlying medical condition. So glad I’m doing better now. Well let me know results of your test.
      I just looked up price of Nord VPN and the price is OK. For 3 years it’s 3.49 per month(aka $125.64 if math is right) LOL.
      I’m still in shock. Still waiting on all the ebooks and kindle to get here.


    1. Hi BellaDharma and LadyMew are Mew both? We are glad you liked our picture with Giraffes. We think Giraffes are kewl like you.
      How are we doing? Someone is still using my location. I know when I see the icon flash up. Still having computer problems. Daisy Mae sleeping on her shirt which is on her catnip pad tight up against the register in Mom and Dad’s Bedroom. Me, I have a sinus cold/allergies. Other than that, I’m doing good.
      Still writing and your on your way to England on a private jet. You’re flying first class to England. That sounds like fun. Mom and I made cookies(not from scratch).

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      1. CATFISH!! Wee iss sorry yore still havin Pee C problemss an sumone usin yore location! This iss so not fair! There iss a mew prgram out called Nord VPN….it iss bye Norton companee. Not mee know anythin else ’bout it…
        Mee sendss you POTP to feel bettur soon! Allergeess are no fun 😦
        Mee-yow WOW mee on a private jet inn yore story???Furry furry kewl Miss Crystal…mee iss happy you are enjoyin ritin such a grate story….
        Daisy Mae mee hopess you are doin guud mee frend….
        **purrsss** BellaDharma

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      2. Yes Nord VPN. I’ve been researching it and is it legit or not? It looks like it is legit and when McAfee is done I’m getting Nord VPN as my anti-virus.
        Daisy Mae says to tell she’s doing good and thanks you for asking.
        Me, well made cookies with mom(not from scratch).
        Stay well and Be Safe my friends.

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      3. Nord VPN IS legit!! It works better than MacAfee…also they do not work well together so it is good to use only one. I find Norton & Nord far superior to other programs Crystal. I am releived all is well with you. What a crazy time this is.
        Be well, Sherri-Ellen

        Meow meowwo Daisy Mae iss mee BellaDharma checkin inn with you…..how are thingss goin?? How are you feelin? Mee iss ‘on duty’ takin care of LadyMew…has bin a ruff week fore her…
        ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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      4. LadyMew doing any better? She doesn’t have this Corona Virus does She? I have been doing some writing in my book. You, Purrince Siddhartha Henry and LadyMew are having fun doing all day shopping in England. This might sound crazy but before anything was know about this Corona Virus way back in the beginning of January I had the symptoms of the Corona Virus they say you have when you might have it. I had no smell or taste or didn’t even want to eat that was around Jan. 2 or after then I continued to be sick then on March 8 when we had everyone in for a combined birthday party I got so dizzy and weak I literally blacked out. I still could sense people around me but barely could lift my head up. This all started and I hear the symptoms and I hear the symptoms so maybe I already had it and recovered and didn’t know it the same with mom she had the symptoms too. I’m feeling better now except for a sinus cold/allergies. As you they are no fun.
        This is a crazy time.
        Guess what? I entered a book contest and was contacted that I was the Grand Prize Winner. So what does that mean? It means I won a kindle and a bunch of ebooks. Still waiting on the kindle and all the ebooks.
        Do you know the price for Nord VPN?

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      5. Yes it was. But mom and I already had recovered from it. We’re not sure we had it but had the symptoms. Take care of LadyMew. Just know we are doing fine now.

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