My Valentine To You

VALENTINE FRAMED (DSCN0087) 2IHeartMyCatcats_leave_paw_prints_in_our_hearts_classic_round_sticker-radbbcb3787104d2b875d8683ec62cea4_v9waf_8byvr_540cat says i love youhearts-56




6 thoughts on “My Valentine To You

  1. Deerest Miss Crystal an Daisy Mae a hundred apawlogeess fore beein here so late…
    Mee hopess you both had a lovelee Valentine’ss together.
    LadyMew had a ruff time as Febbyrary 11th wuud have bin her huzband Paul’ss 57th Birfday. An then this Febbyrary 14th it was 36 yeerss since LadyMew meeted Paul fore THE ferst time. Shee has bin lissenin to old musick from THE 80’ss an remmynissin ’bout THE guud old dayss…..
    So-o with all that beein mee-yowed mee wishess you a Happy ❤ 'ss Day efurry day of THE yeer!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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