Book 4 Update: Royal Murder Mysteries

Earlier in the year or Maybe late in December 2019, I told you all my goals for 2020. Well I’m happy to say Mom hasn’t got worse and is keeping her independence, as for me staying healthy that isn’t going well at this time. However, I am very happy to say I’m halfway done with my draft for Book 4. I’m at 18,116 words. That is at the start of Chapter 10. Woo Hoo!! My hope is to have Book 4 done in about 6 to 7 months if all goes well and after that, I hope to get the Epilogue started. 

I hope to get more words typed in the next few days.  Wish Me Luck.



10 thoughts on “Book 4 Update: Royal Murder Mysteries

  1. Meow meow Daisy Mae an Miss Crystal yore doin so guud ritin yore bookss!! Iss furry xcitin you know!?!?
    Are you OK Daisy Mae?? Mee sendss you POTP an **purrsss** to get well soon. An Miss Crystal Ladymew sendd purrayerss to you to feel bettur too!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

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    1. Daisy Mae is just fine. She just sleeps a lot. Me I’m getting better slowly each day.
      It is exciting. Just started Chapter 10 of Book 4 last night. You and LadyMew won a raffle at Daisy Mae’s Royal wedding reception to go to Australia, Aruba, Scotland, England and Ireland. Of course this is all in my book and it’s so exciting…
      Thanks for prayers and huggies.
      Many purrs to both of you.
      Crystal And Daisy Mae

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