Prancie: A Poem

Written By: Crystal Stewart

Written On: 1-25-2020


Prancie, you were a beautiful

Orange Cat with a touch of White.

You had beautiful eyes of gold. So

Precious Prancie you found a loving

Furrever home with other Cats.

You got along with the other Cats

Just fine. The family just adored 

You and loved you. Prancie, you are

A special Cat in more ways than one.

You lived a full and active life. Yes

It was a sad when God called

You home and yes we were also

Devastated when we found out

You earned your wings to go over

The Rainbow Bridge but before you

Went over the Rainbow Bridge, we

Made many memories that we’ll

Cherish and treasure of you. We will

Always love you and miss you. We

Loved you so much that you left

Pawprints on our hearts. Prancie,

You have become an angel and

Aren’t miserable or suffering in

Pain anymore and are romping with

Other Cats and other pets now.

Prancie sweet kitty cat, you are now

An angel and will be sadly missed. 

So when a Monarch Butterfly shows

Up with its beautiful wings know

That it’s your sweet Prancie coming

To check on you and your family.

When you see more than one

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly don’t

Worry because that is your sweet

Prancie with all friends

She’s met.

You will know when you see a bunch

Of Butterflies, A flock of Birds,

Hummingbirds staying together

As if to say I’m here for you and

Don’t be to upset or mad because it

Rains or Snows. You see the Rain


The Snow are your friends not to

Mention when it rains and snows

That’s me Angel Prancie sitting on

Your shoulder and saying, I’m here

To make sure you and the

Family are OK.

Prancie, thank you for all the


You left pawprints on our hearts.




cat says i love you7612dc22200e2828d30ff098b87af2e1








8 thoughts on “Prancie: A Poem

    1. No problem. I’m a cat and animal lover. Don’t care to much for snakes. LOL, MOL. Glad you liked it my friend. She was a very special cat and will always be missed and never forgotten.


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