Accomplishments for 2019 & Goals for 2020


Happy New Year Everyone. As we reflect on 2019 and make our goals for 2020, we think to ourselves can we really top what we accomplished in 2019. The answer lies within each of you but I’m positive you can.

My Accomplishments in 2019:

I was blessed over and over in 2019 with accomplishment after accomplishment. So what were those accomplishments? Well…

1. The beginning of 2019, I accidentally started my first book.

2. A few month later I wrote my second book.

3. A few months after writing my second book, I wrote my third book and decided to write a box set.

4. I turned another year older the week before Christmas.

5. After Christmas, I started Book 4 of The Royal Murder Mysteries.

6. As of January 4, 2020 I have  523 followers.

7. 653 Published Posts.

8. 5 Published Pages.

Goals For 2020:

1. Finish Book 4 of The Royal Murder Mysteries

2. Hoping to start writing the Epilogue.

3. Staying Healthy.

4. Praying Mom does get any worse.

What Are Your Goals In 2020?:

You’ve heard my goals for 2020 now what are your goals or resolutions? Let me know in the comment section or by using Contact Form which is above the Contact Form. Looking forward to hearing from you all.





2 thoughts on “Accomplishments for 2019 & Goals for 2020

    1. My mom is somewhat healthy. Although she’s having mobility issues. Thank You. Pet Sweeper I got is excellent. You should get one. Love it. Picks up pet hair.


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