A TEXAS CHRISTMAS Mystery & Love at Christmas Book Reviews

Happy New Year everyone!! With 2019 behind us and 2020 just starting, what better way to start the new year off but by doing book reviews. This is my first post of 2020. ENJOY!!

Love at Christmas 

This paperback book is a compilation of Four Christmas Novellas by Anne Greene. Each book in this book is excellent and very well written. This book is Clean, no graphic sex, no cussing, no vulgarity, no use of the F word. Just good clean reading and inspirational. I highly recommend this book and would be a good book for a book club to read.

The books in this book can be bought separately too. If your interesting in reading my review on Bookbub the link for the review is: Love at Christmas Book Review .


This paperback book is an inspirational, clean Christmas mystery. This book is excellent reading and well written. Many kudos to Anne Greene for writing her books inspirational and keeping them clean. Just goes to show you don’t need all that graphic sex, vulgarity and cussing and gore to sell a book. If a book is well written, action packed, has plots twists turns and keeps me interested, then the author has successfully done her/his job. Personally, if you put  graphic sex, cussing and vulgarity, use or overuse the use of the F word and put a lot of gore in your book then I can honestly say that is a complete turn off for me. However, I will read a book and find out while reading the F word is used then I usually do 1 of 2 things, I either put down and it becomes a DNF (Did Not Finish) or if I find out the F word is used, I decide is the book well written enough to finish the book. Most of the time though it turns out being DNF’s. Once again, Anne Greene writes another Fantastic book. 

I highly recommend both these books and hope you go buy and read them. I reviewed this book on Bookbub and to read the review you can go to: A TEXAS CHRISTMAS Mystery Review .

*full disclosure* I won A TEXAS CHRISTMAS Mystery in Anne Greene’s newsletter contest and she also sent me the book Love at Christmas to review. 







12 thoughts on “A TEXAS CHRISTMAS Mystery & Love at Christmas Book Reviews

  1. HURRAH Miss Crystal fore winnin THE bookss! They sound lovelee. LadyMew doess not like graffick stuff an bad swear werdss eether….
    These bookss sound rite up her ally so to speek!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDahrma
    Pee S: Wee gotted hacked on 22nd an got back online THE 1st an still tryin to vizzit efurryone….sorry it tooked so long to get here to see you an Daisy Mae ❤

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    1. Don’t worry about it. We’re sorry you got hacked. I’m back writing posts part-time with life getting in our way. Books were 5+ stars. LadyMew doing better? Well Happy New Year.
      Crystal And Daisy Mae

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanx fore askin ’bout LadyMew….shee iss not inn flare upss!! An her stabbie wound inn hand iss healin well. Has bin quiet inn buildin. Iss ncie to have sum ‘normal’ goin on inn our life fore sure!
        Happy MEW Yeer!!!
        **purrsss** BellaDharma

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